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Flats to rent in Tollcross

You can find numerous flats to rent in Tollcross with Citylets. Indeed, it is much quicker and easier to search for rental property on our website than to trawl through property listings or wander round letting agents.

To look for flats with Citylets, all you need to do is enter your budget, desired number of bedrooms or other preferences. You will then be able to view a comprehensive list of properties that match your requirements.

At Citylets, we regularly update our database of rental properties so you can see any flats to rent in Tollcross that have just come onto the market.

We also provide a detailed profile for each property on our database. This information, which includes details of nearby amenities, furnishings, white goods and the required deposit, will help you decide on the flat that is right for you.

The profile even contains a handy street map, internal and external photographs and contact details so you can arrange a viewing.

We do everything we can to help you find a flat to rent in Tollcross that suits you and your budget.

Flats to rent in Tollcross - property types

Much of the property in Tollcross in Edinburgh was built during the Victorian era.

Architecture from this time is noted for the use of pink and blonde sandstone, as well as the large windows that are a feature of many homes. This ensures that flats in Tollcross are bright and airy.

Many of the tenement buildings in Tollcross have been upgraded over the years, which make flats to rent in the area very desirable.

Located in the city centre, Tollcross is popular with professionals and students - indeed, Napier University has three halls of residence in the area.

It is also conveniently placed for residents who wish to visit Edinburgh's most famous shopping thoroughfares such as Princes Street.

Citylets can help you find flats to rent in Tollcross or any other areas in Edinburgh.

The history of Tollcross

The name of Tollcross derives from the crossroads in the area, as it was here that toll payments were collected from travellers in Edinburgh in bygone times.

During the Industrial Revolution, Tollcross was an important centre for the iron industry. Other industries in the area included timber, brewing and fuel.

Some of the paraffin, iron and timber factories have now been converted to modern office space and flats to rent.

Tollcross contains a great range of affordable and attractive properties, which you can view with Citylets.

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