What is OptiletPro

Request Demo OptiletPro is a unique residential property intelligence tool, purpose built for property professionals active within the Scottish marketplace. Utilising Citylets' growing archive of over 200,000 rental property listings, with registered residential sales data and analysis of the search activity of more than 4 million site visits per year. OptiletPro provides accurate and localised rental, sales and demand data on a monthly or quarterly basis at various property type and bedroom count levels.

Key metrics included are:

  • Average rental price and monthly stock volumes by city/region, area, postcode district & postcode sector
  • Average time to let (TTL) and monthly stock volumes by city/region, area, postcode district & postcode sector
  • Analyse by property type and bedroom count
  • New build filter
  • Quarterly Sales Data

What are the key benefits of using OptiletPro?

Regularly updated, OptiletPro gives unparalleled analysis of the Scottish Private Rental Market to directly inform decision making and business strategy.

  • Gain access to unique data generated by the UK’s No. 1 Residential Lettings Site
  • Easy online access to key metrics via secure website
  • Create and export charts & graphs in PDF or image format
  • Extract raw data to combine with external sources

Who should use OptiletPro?

From Housing Associations to Agents, Investors to Homebuilders, OptiletPro is purpose-built to provide unique market insight to inform the whole spectrum of the Scottish housing market.

Whether your requirements include property valuation, investment appraisal or location comparability, OptiletPro can deliver unrivalled understanding of the drivers of the Scottish rental market.

How can I access OptiletPro?

To request a demo of OptiletPro for deeper insight into its capabilities and how it can help your organisation, .

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