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Houses to rent in Newhaven

There is a wide selection of houses to rent in Newhaven from Citylets, ranging from traditional fisherman's cottages to modern new developments.

Whether you want a home that is steeped in history or embraces innovative architecture, you will be able to find houses for rent in Newhaven that meet all your needs and exceed your expectations.

Our database of houses to rent in Newhaven is regularly updated, offering you the most up-to-date property listings available. We also provide you with comprehensive information on each home.

At Citylets, we will do everything we can to ensure you find suitable houses for rent in Newhaven for you and your family.

Types of houses to rent in Newhaven

Newhaven's rich fishing heritage is reflected in many of the houses to rent. Newhaven has numerous converted fisherman's cottages, which sit alongside various innovative new homes.

You will be able to enjoy beautiful views of the Forth from many of the houses for rent in Newhaven. Some homes also offer views of Edinburgh Castle, as the city centre is just a few miles from the village.

As one of the Conservation Areas in Edinburgh, Newhaven is home to several historical icons. Residents and visitors can visit the local fish market, which was once the major employer in Newhaven. You will also be able to visit Newhaven Lighthouse.

Families looking for houses to rent in Newhaven may wish to send their children to the local Victoria Primary School, which is the oldest primary school still in use in Edinburgh.

You will be able to view a diverse range of homes when you are looking for property in Newhaven. At Citylets, we will provide you with an exhaustive amount of information on each home, ensuring that you make the right choice about houses for rent in Newhaven.

Finding houses for rent in Newhaven

Our database of houses is designed to be informative, accessible and user friendly. We gather all the information you could want in one convenient place, as well as regularly updating our listings.

Citylets will help you find a house to rent in Newhaven that is everything you are looking for.

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