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Houses to rent in West Calder

Citylets are here to help you find a house to rent in West Calder, whether you are looking for a new build or a home with some history.

Many of the older properties in West Calder were built during the economic boom that followed the discovery of oil-bearing shales. These could be used to produce paraffin, crude oil, ammonia and other useful chemicals.

The thriving industry inevitably led to population increase, and many new homes were built to meet this demand.

Some of the properties built during the 19th century have been modernised inside and are popular with those seeking houses to rent in West Calder.

Finding houses to rent in West Calder

It is simple and straightforward to find a house to rent in West Calder with Citylets.

All you have to do is enter your budget and a few other pieces of information. You will then be presented with a list of the homes that meet your needs.

Our database of rental properties is regularly updated, so you can be sure that you will always be able to see what is new to the market.

Each house and flat to rent West Calder comes with a comprehensive profile, designed to help you make your decision.

This includes photographs of the property, a street map, details of nearby amenities and contact details in case you want to arrange a viewing.

Finding a house to rent in West Calder is easier than ever with Citylets.

About West Calder

When looking for a house to rent in West Calder, one of the most important considerations is the nearby amenities.

Fortunately, you will be spoilt for choice if you move to this charming Scottish village.

There are numerous small independent stores in West Calder, although the excellent transport links mean that going into Livingston isn't a chore.

History buffs will enjoy exploring the ruins of the old parish church, which was in use until 1880. If you are more of a sports fan, the junior side West Calder United play regularly.

Whatever pastimes you prefer, you are sure to enjoy living in a house to rent in West Calder.

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