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Canonmills, where History and Modern Flow Together

Canonmills, once an industrial hub with flour mills powered by the Water of Leith, has transformed into a vibrant residential area that retains its historical roots while embracing modern urban living. Its proximity to both the New Town and the bohemian Stockbridge makes it a sought-after location for those seeking a dynamic lifestyle.

Why Choose Canonmills?

Ideal Location:

  • Nestled just north of Edinburgh’s New Town, Canonmills offers easy access to the city centre while maintaining a quieter, village-like atmosphere.
  • The neighbourhood is a gateway to the Royal Botanic Garden, providing residents with one of the city’s most beautiful green spaces right on their doorstep.

Vibrant Community and Lifestyle:

  • Canonmills is known for its friendly community and local amenities. The area boasts a variety of shops, trendy cafes, and restaurants, as well as artisan bakeries and independent boutiques.
  • Regular farmers' markets and community events in nearby Stockbridge enhance the area’s lively atmosphere and strong community feel.

Living in Canonmills

Diverse Housing Options:

  • The housing in Canonmills ranges from historic tenement buildings with traditional Victorian and Georgian features to modern new-build apartments that offer contemporary living.
  • Many properties in the area provide scenic views of the Water of Leith or overlook beautifully maintained communal gardens.

Accessibility and Transport:

  • Canonmills enjoys excellent public transport links, including buses and nearby tram stops, which provide fast and efficient travel throughout the city.
  • Cyclists and walkers benefit from the Water of Leith pathway, which offers a peaceful route through the city all the way to the port of Leith.

The Canonmills Experience

Outdoor and Leisure Activities:

  • The proximity to the Water of Leith offers residents unique opportunities for leisure activities right in their urban backyard. Whether it’s cycling, jogging, or enjoying a peaceful walk along the river, outdoor enthusiasts will find plenty to love in Canonmills.
  • The local sports centres and nearby parks, including King George V Park, cater to families and sports enthusiasts with facilities for football, cricket, and more.

Education and Healthcare:

  • Families in Canonmills benefit from access to excellent educational institutions, from nurseries to high schools, ensuring options for quality education close to home.
  • Healthcare facilities, including general practitioners and dental services, are readily available, ensuring residents' health and wellness needs are easily met.

Embrace Life in Canonmills

Canonmills combines the serenity of a historical riverside community with the vibrancy of urban Edinburgh. Its unique location, excellent amenities, and community spirit make it an ideal choice for anyone looking to rent in a lively yet laid-back part of the city.

Ready to Explore Canonmills?

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