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Flats to rent in the City Centre

Edinburgh was recently named the most desirable city to live in the UK and when you look at flats to rent in the city centre it is easy to see why.

The city centre of Edinburgh is made up of the Old Town, New Town, Grassmarket and Canonmills. All of these areas are highly popular and offer a range of beautiful accommodation. You will notice that rental prices in Canonmills are often slightly lower.

As with the rest of Edinburgh, the majority of flats to rent in the city centre are in the Georgian, Victorian or Edwardian styles.

The grand townhouses built during these eras may have now been converted into flats, but they retain many original features. These include large windows, stained glass and ornate cornices.

Of course, if period architecture is not to your taste, you will be able to find many modern flats to rent in the city centre in Edinburgh.

Finding a flat to rent in the City Centre

It couldn't be easier to find flats to rent in the Edinburgh city centre than with Citylets.

Rather than checking through property listings in newspapers, often only to find the flat you want has been snapped up before you can even arrange a viewing, searching for a flat is very straightforward with Citylets.

All you have to do is enter your budget, the preferred number of bedrooms and any other requirements.

You will then be presented with a list of rental flats that match your needs. These can be quickly sorted by price, letting agent or availability, depending on what is most important to you.

At Citylets, we maintain a database of thousands of properties all across country. We ensure this is regularly updated, so you never miss out on rental properties that are new to the market.

Living in the City Centre

Edinburgh is a veritable metropolis and one of the most important centres for finance, education and the arts in Scotland.

When you live in the city centre, you will be within easy walking distance of the City Art Centre, the National Portrait Gallery and the National Gallery. Edinburgh Zoo - famous for its delightful penguin parade - is also convenient for many apartments to lease in the centre of Edinburgh.

Citylets are here to help you find the right flat to rent in the city centre.

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