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Flats to rent in the Old Town

The Old and New Towns in Edinburgh are both classed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites, which makes flats to rent in the Old Town highly sought after amongst those with an interest in history.

Like much of Edinburgh, property in the Old Town is primarily Georgian and Victorian. These eras were noted for their use of pink and blonde sandstone, and many of the houses in this area also feature large windows.

This makes flats in the Old Town bright and inviting - to both residents and guests. As such, a flat in Edinburgh Old Town really is the ideal place to entertain.

Whether you enjoy hosting regular dinner parties or are more likely to frequent Edinburgh's numerous restaurants, you will be able to find a flat to rent in the Old Town that suits your needs.

Moreover, if you use Citylets, your property search will be much easier.

Find flats to rent in the Old Town

With Citylets, you no longer need to waste time trawling through property listings to find flats to rent in the Old Town.

Instead, all you will need to do is enter your budget and any preferences you may have with regard to the number of bedrooms, furnishings or lease length.

You will then be able to choose from a detailed list of rental flats that suit your needs.

This list can be sorted by price, availability or even the letting agent. Whatever your priorities are, it is easy to find flats to rent in the Old Town with Citylets.

When a property catches your eye, you can view a comprehensive profile, containing all the information you will need to decide if it is right for you.

The profile includes internal and external photographs, details about the deposit and nearby amenities, plus a useful street map.

This allows you to see what facilities there are in the surrounding area when you rent a flat in the Old Town in Edinburgh.

Amenities in the Old Town

The Old Town in Edinburgh is packed full of interesting places to visit, whether you are a resident or simply passing through.

Some of the most famous locations include the Royal Mile, leading up to Edinburgh Castle, the Royal Museum of Scotland, St. Giles Cathedral and the Museum of Childhood.

When you choose a flat to rent in the Old Town, you will find plenty to keep you occupied.

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