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Flats to rent in Marchmont

Flats to rent in Marchmont are highly popular, and not just amongst hardnosed detectives. While the area may be home to Ian Rankin's Detective Inspector Rebus, in reality many professionals and students reside in the area.

Both Napier University and Edinburgh University are within easy walking distance of Marchmont. The area is also conveniently located for the city centre, with its numerous bars, clubs and restaurants.

Many of the houses in Marchmont were built during the Victorian and Georgian periods. This attractive architecture, using pink and blonde sandstone, is one of many reasons why Marchmont is such a desirable area.

Nowadays, numerous sandstone tenements have been converted into flats to rent. Marchmont is well known for the baronial style of the homes in the area - which are ornate and striking.

Things to do in Marchmont

While the city centre may be just a short walk away, there is plenty for residents to do in Marchmont itself.

For example, Warrender Swim Centre houses a large Victorian-style pool, as well as a sauna and fitness suite. A B-listed building, the Warrender Swim Centre is beautifully designed inside and out.

Marchmont borders the Meadows, which is a popular spot for joggers, dog walkers and - when the weather is right - picnickers.

There is also an extensive range of small, independent shops, and transport links to the rest of Edinburgh are excellent.

When you choose flats to rent in Marchmont you will find a lot to keep you occupied, whether you stay in the area or explore the rest of Edinburgh.

Finding a flat to rent in Marchmont

Previously, looking for a flat to rent in Marchmont meant searching through the property listings in newspapers or wandering round letting agents.

Thanks to Citylets, this is no longer the case.

All you need to do to find a flat to rent in Marchmont is enter your budget, lease length and any preferences about furnishings or number of bedrooms.

Within a few moments, you will be presented with a list of properties that match your needs. This list can be easily sorted by price, letting agent or availability.

At Citylets, we ensure our database of properties is regularly updated, so you will never have to worry about missing out on flats to rent in Marchmont.

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