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Flats to rent in Kelvinhall

Thanks to the mixture of classic Victorian apartments and new developments, there are flats to rent in Kelvinhall to suit all tastes.

This means you will be able to find the ideal rental property with Citylets, whether you prefer Victorian architecture or something more modern.

Kelvinhall is within walking distance of Argyle Street, one of the oldest and most diverse shopping areas in Glasgow. The Kelvinhall Subway Station means that transport around the rest of the city is quick and convenient.

Thanks to the excellent transport links and the range of architecture, flats to rent in Kelvinhall have always been popular.

With Citylets, we can be sure to find a rental property that is right for you.

Finding flats to rent in Kelvinhall

Citylets make it much easier to find your ideal home. Rather than you having to look for flats to rent in Kelvinhall by scanning the adverts in all the different letting agents' windows, or by trawling through property listings in newspapers, we will do all the work for you.

To find the right flat with Citylets, all you need to do is enter your budget and any preferences you have with regard to the number of bedrooms and furnishings.

You will then be presented with a list of properties that match your needs. We maintain a database of thousands of properties, which is regularly updated, so you are sure to find a rental apartment in Kelvinhall that is right for you.

We provide a detailed profile for every property on our database, which contains everything you need to know to choose a flat.

The profile includes internal and external photographs, the deposit amount and information about any furnishings or white goods included.

You will also find the contact details of the letting agent, should you wish to arrange a viewing.

It is recommended that you view the property, as this is the best way to ensure the flat to rent in Kelvinhall is right for you.

Around Kelvinhall

There is plenty to see and do when living in Kelvinhall.

Places to visit include the recently refurbished Cottiers Theatre, the Museum of Transport, the Kelvin Hall Sports Arena and the Kelvingrove Art Gallery.

The Kelvingrove houses a range of permanent and temporary exhibitions. It is, quite simply, a must-see.

You will have no trouble filling your spare time when you choose a flat to rent in Kelvinhall.

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