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Flats to rent in Kilwinning

If you choose a flat to rent in Kilwinning, you will be moving to one of the most historically significant areas in Scotland.

Known as The Crossroads of Ayrshire, Kilwinning is a wonderful place to live or visit if you are interested in history.

Some of important areas in Kilwinning include the ruins of Eglinton Castle. Once a beautiful fortified palace, Eglinton Castle hosted a tournament in 1839 which sought to revive the sports associated with ancient orders of knights.

If you want to find out more about the history of Kilwinning, the Clock Tower Heritage Centre is just two minutes from the town centre.

Any history buff is sure to enjoy life when they choose a flat to rent in Kilwinning.

Styles of flats to rent in Kilwinning

The architecture in Kilwinning reflects the varied history of the town.

Flats to rent in Kilwinning town centre are older, mainly built during the 17th and 18th centuries. If you prefer a more modern style, the housing estates outside the town centre underwent rapid development in the 1960s after Irvine was designated a new town.

Houses and flats were built to cope with overpopulation in Glasgow. Since then, Kilwinning has been a popular location for people commuting to Glasgow for work.

Whether you are a commuter or you work in the area, there are wonderful houses and flats to rent in Kilwinning through Citylets.

Finding a flat in Kilwinning

It is quick and easy to find a property available for lease with Citylets. If you are searching for a flat or house to rent in Kilwinning, it only takes a few moments to find a property that suits you.

All you have to do is enter your budget and any other requirements you have. We will then display the properties that meet your needs. As our database of flats to rent in Kilwinning and elsewhere is regularly updated, you can always be sure of finding out about any properties that are new to the market.

We also work with highly experienced letting agents - meaning you can expect an excellent level of customer service.

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