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Flats to rent in Ayr

This attractive West coast town is steeped in Scottish history and today enjoys a strong economy and numerous amenities, so flats to rent in Ayr are popular with tenants of all ages - from students to people of pensionable age.

That's why at Citylets we provide an exhaustive list of property in Ayr. Our database of flats to rent in Ayr is always kept up to date, so you can see what is on offer in one of Scotland's most historic and beautiful towns.

When you are looking for flats to rent in Ayr, you can choose between new developments and more traditional buildings. Indeed some of Ayr's grand townhouses have been converted into flats for modern tenants.

The wide range of properties on offer means you are sure to find a flat to rent in Ayr that suits your lifestyle and your budget.

And Citylets will be on-hand to help you find the home that is right for you.

Finding the ideal flat to rent in Ayr

Looking for a flat to rent for the first time can be daunting, especially if you don't have any idea what you are looking for.

That is why we have developed a user-friendly search system at Citylets. By providing all the information you need to find the ideal flat to rent in Ayr, we can save you time and money.

Whether you want to search by price, availability date or even the letting agent, you can do any, or all, of this when you use Citylets. We work with a huge range of agents, so you are sure to get a full picture of the flats that are available for lease in Ayr.

With two major university campuses, a lovely beach and a wide range of leisure activities on offer, Ayr is a popular location for people looking for properties.

Living in Ayr

Ayr has a lot to offer both visitors and residents alike. The sandy beach is a popular area for joggers, and the esplanade is also often used by joggers, dog walkers and people who simply want to enjoy a fine view of the sea.

Sports fans can participate in numerous activities in the Citadel sports centre in Ayr. The main hall is used for basketball, volleyball, 5-a-side football, hockey and many other fitness activities.

Ayr is also home to three public golf courses, making it a great place to stay if you want to perfect your swing.

If you prefer watching sports, Ayr Racecourse hosts National Hunt and flat races. Ayr United, currently in Division One, are the local football team.

There is also a fulsome selection of excellent restaurants, serving both traditional Scottish and international cuisine. Food connoisseurs will find much to enjoy if they rent a flat in Ayr.

The Citylets range

There is a wide range of well-appointed student accommodation in Ayr, to complement the two university campuses in the town. These are part of the University of the West of Scotland and the Scottish Agricultural College.

Between them, they offer a diverse selection of courses, from Bioscience to Media and Music.

If you are looking for family houses to rent in Ayr, you can also rely on Citylets to help you find the ideal home.

Whether you want a house or flat to rent in Ayr, you will be able to find it by using the regularly updated listings available from Citylets.

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