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Flats to rent in Broxburn

Broxburn boasts a wide variety of architecture - just one of the many reasons why flats to rent in Broxburn are in high demand.

The oldest houses in Broxburn were built in the 17th century. However, it was the discovery of oil-bearing shales in the early 19th century that led to rapid population expansion in Broxburn. Many homes were built to cope with this demand, and a number of these homes have now been converted into flats.

Rent in Broxburn and you will be able to choose from a huge selection of properties, from Georgian flats to new developments.

Finding flats to rent in Broxburn with Citylets

Citylets are dedicated to helping you find flats and houses to rent in Broxburn that meet your needs. Our search system is intuitive and user friendly, while our database of properties is regularly updated.

This means you can see what is new to the property market, which can be especially handy if you are moving to the area to start a new job and need to find a flat to rent in Broxburn quickly.

When you are looking for a home to lease, all you have to do is enter your budget and any requirements. We will then show you a list of properties that match your specific needs.

Each of these houses or flats to rent in Broxburn has a highly detailed profile, complete with internal and external photographs. The profile will also contain information about the deposit, any furnishings, nearby amenities and who to contact if you want to arrange a viewing.

Finding a home is easier than ever with Citylets.

Living in Broxburn

Broxburn was a fairly small rural village until the early 1800s. While parts of the nave in the Uphill church date from 1100, the town didn't experience rapid development until oil-bearing shales were discovered.

These were used to produce paraffin, crude oil, ammonia and many other chemicals that powered the Industrial Revolution.

Many of the homes available to rent in Broxburn were built in this period. If you want to rent a flat with some history and character, you could look at some modernised miners' cottages.

On the other hand, there are numerous newly built flats to rent in Broxburn, to accommodate the increasing commuter population, working in Edinburgh.

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