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Rooms to rent in Edinburgh

It's scarcely surprising that rooms to rent in Edinburgh are in high demand when you consider that Scotland's capital is regularly voted the best place to live in Europe.

Edinburgh has homes to suit all tastes, from grand Victorian and clean-lined, symmetrical Georgian architecture to trendy modern flats. Citylets maintains a database of rooms for rent in Edinburgh, and provides in-depth information on each to help you find the perfect Edinburgh flatshare for you.

Find rooms to rent in Edinburgh

Whether you are seeking a flatshare in a downtown apartment or a room in a traditional house, you can search for - and, more importantly, find! - rooms to rent in Edinburgh easily and conveniently from the comfort of your current home.

Citylets provide detailed information on all our listings of rooms for rent in Edinburgh, which means you can make a quick decision on the suitability of the rooms you find.

What to expect of rooms for rent in Edinburgh

Edinburgh properties are a mix of the traditional and the modern, so whatever you are looking for, there is bound to be a flat in Edinburgh that is right for you. Rooms to rent in Edinburgh reflect the variety and style of homes throughout the city, offering a wide choice of style for prospective residents.

Living in Edinburgh

Edinburgh is a cosmopolitan city with a fascinating cultural, political and social history - indeed its leading role during the 18th century Enlightenment earned it the title the Athens of the North.

Capital of Scotland since 1437, it is now the seat of the Scottish Parliament and a banking and finance centre of international repute. Culturally, academically and historically Edinburgh has much to offer, being home to numerous noted educational establishments as well as hosting the annual Edinburgh Festival.

Today Edinburgh is a modern, multicultural city with abundant opportunities for businesses and individuals alike. If you are searching for rooms to rent in Edinburgh, you can be assured you will find the people of the Scottish capital to be welcoming and friendly.

Residents of Edinburgh can take their pick of entertainment, as the city boasts an impressive variety of cultural pursuits. A selection of the UK's top museums, art galleries and visitor attractions are located in Edinburgh, and the nightlife is second to none - with a host of pubs, nightclubs and restaurants that cater for all tastes.

The Edinburgh International Conference Centre attracts delegates from all over the UK and beyond. Top-class musical shows, ballets, concerts and films can be enjoyed regularly at the Playhouse, Usher Hall and Filmhouse respectively. If sport is your thing, you'll appreciate the city's superb rugby, hockey, football and other facilities.

Whatever your interests and your individual requirements, you are certain to find accommodation of a suitable standard in the city of Edinburgh. Our up-to-date listings of rooms to rent in Edinburgh make finding the perfect room simplicity itself.

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