Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Advertising your property on Citylets
  2. Finding a property which has been (paid for &) advertised
  3. Making amendments to your personal contact details
  4. Removing your property from Citylets
  5. What kind of a response can you expect?
  6. Do we do holiday lettings?
  7. Finding a local agent
  8. General advice on the rental market

Advertising your property on Citylets


The cost for advertising on Citylets is a one off fee of £29.95 + VAT until let. There are no repeat fees regardless of how long your property remains on our site. Please note, however, that to ensure our database remains up to date for prospective tenants, you will be sent an email every 4 weeks which you must acknowledge in order for your property to remain live. If you do not respond to the email your advert will naturally expire.


Using our easy wizard process your property can be live on in 3 simple steps:

  1. register yourself
  2. then add your property/photos
  3. pay online (all major cards accepted)

Your property will go live as soon as it is paid for.

  • you can check by simply going to the Citylets public site and looking for it as would a prospective tenant OR click the link in the email sent to you stating the property is live
  • a VAT reciept will also be emailed to you

Adding photos:

We highly recommend that you add at least one photo. This is done subsequent to the addition of the initial text for the ad either before or after the advert is made live (via payment).

Please note that the first photo is the 'lead' photo and you may want to use your best one in this position. Many tenements look the same from the outside!


You can make as many amendments to your property advert as you like at any time day or night without charge. Just login to your admin area, go to the 'manage properties' area, select the property and use the edit facility.

Finding a property which has been (paid for &) advertised

Can't see your property on the site? If you're sure that you are searching under the exact criteria you advertised it and that it has been successfully paid for but still can't find, then either there is a problem which we can assist with if you let us know or it has EXPIRED.

As mentioned earlier, in order to keep our site up to date for prospective tenants, your property naturally expires after 4 weeks. You should have received an email advising you to respond in order to keep it live. Perhaps you did and it failed to work..regardless of the above, if you can't see it and are sure it should be live please be assured that we will respond to your email.

Making amendments to your personal contact details

Log in to the landlords admin area and make the necessary changes- it's the first page you come to everytime.

Removing your property from Citylets

If your property has been successfully let, you can remove / archive it through the menu in the 'manage properties' section. If you are thinking about using us again next time your property comes onto the market, then archive the property for future use- once it's on our system, you will never again have to input the details.

What kind of a response can you expect?

Assuming you have set a reasonable rental value, we thoroughly expect you to receive a good and often instantaneous response (well- we would say that, wouldn't we!). Over 400 Scottish letting agents rely on us. We advertise 50,000+ properties per year and have an audience reach of over 4 million visitors per year. We are confident that we will out-perform any other media, local or national, in the pursuit of new tenants for your property.

You may get a very quick response as many tenants register with us and are emailed/txted when new properties come onto our site. We are always keen to hear feedback- +ve and -ve!

Do we do holiday lettings?

We cater for the Edinburgh festival market. You can also advertise short term properties with a tenancy agreement less than 6 months.

Finding a local agent

Citylets can save you the time and effort of finding a suitable agent for whatever service you require- an appraisal, let only, full management. All you have to do is tell us online about your property and the service required and we will automatically source from all the Scottish agents on our system.

When a match is found, you will be contacted direct by the agent via phone/email/post (according to your preference). This system is fully automated and is proving highly successful- it pays to be as detailed as you can to ensure the best match. You don't even have to register with us for this service- just click here

Rental market information

There is a wealth of information available in the research section and you also have access to our analytics tool Optilet in your admin area.

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