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Rental Market Dynamics with Andrew Williamson of Aberdein Considine

Episode 86 of Lets Talk features Andrew Williamson from Aberdein Considine. With more than 15 years of industry expertise and an array of qualifications, Andrew provides valuable insights into his professional journey, his recent return to Aberdein Considine, and key developments within the sector. We explore property refurbishment approaches, rental market dynamics, and the student rental market landscape. Andrew also shares amusing anecdotes from his time in letting and discusses his passion for running and charity work.

Navigating Changes and Consolidations in the Scottish Property Market, with Harry Crombie

In episode 85 of Let's Talk, Harry Crombie, Lettings and New Business Manager at 'Burgh Property, provides valuable insights into the Scottish property market. From discussing 'Burgh's background and recent merger with Clyde Property to predicting rental market trends in 2024. Harry offers his perspectives on navigating changes and consolidations in the industry. He also shares advice for landlords and aspiring professionals, while reflecting on personal milestones that have shaped his perspective on life and priorities.

Pathways to Success: Insights from a Property Recruitment Specialist, with Michelle Christie of JIL

Episode 84 of Lets Talk, features Michelle Christie, Managing Consultant of JIL (Jobs in Letting) - a specialist recruitment agency for the Scottish property industry. With over 30 years of first-hand experience, Michelle provides invaluable insights into property recruitment. She discusses JIL's evolution, from its origins in PRS lettings to its expansion into diverse property sectors. Michelle offers advice for individuals interested in pursuing a career in property, and provides practical guidance for candidates transitioning into the industry. From interview preparation to cultural fit assessment, Michelle shares essential tips for success in property recruitment.

Challenges and Considerations Faced by Private Landlords, with Charlie Inness from Glenham Property

Lets Talk celebrates its five year anniversary by inviting back our first guest, Charlie Inness, Head of Business Development at Glenham Property. Hear about Charlie's rich experience in residential property investment, from his early career to owning his own properties. Explore his pivotal role in establishing investment sourcing services during the rise of Buy to Let, and gain insights into the unique expertise he brings to Glenham's clients. Discover the latest refurbishment projects undertaken by Glenham, Charlie's first-hand experience with the BRRR (buy, renovate, refinance, rent) model for property investment, and his expert analysis of the current residential lettings market in Edinburgh. Plus, get exclusive predictions on mortgage rates, insights into the impact of rent control measures, and valuable advice for landlords navigating the evolving rental landscape.

Landlord Lowdown: Mastering Investment, Mortgages and Rent Control with Cox & Co

Episode 82 features John Cox, Managing Director of Cox & Co, and Business Development Manager, Neill Bukes covering a range of key matters for landlords today, including investment strategies, navigating issues affecting buy to let mortgages, current rental market conditions in Scotland, and the recently announced tapered approach to rent controls from April 2024.

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