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A wonderful selection of flats in Dundee to choose from

Thanks to a huge £1 billion waterfront development, a traditionally friendly atmosphere and the existence of two rightly celebrated universities, the student experience in Dundee is an excellent one. Here on Scotland's lovely east coast, you can look forward to a journey that brings with it so many incredible memories.

Once you've arranged your course, the next step will naturally be to find flats and houses to rent in Dundee, both in the city centre and on the outskirts. You'll be impressed by the broad selection that's available, including brand new properties as well as those located in long-standing neighbourhoods.

Some of the more iconic flats can be found in redeveloped industrial buildings, so if you like the idea of living in a converted warehouse or factory, Citylets can help. As you might expect from a city that has grown rapidly since the advent of the railways and beyond, there are homes from a number of different eras to choose from.

Start your search early for the best results

The property scene in Dundee is thriving, and if you look for a home as early as possible you'll be rewarded with plenty of choice. Here at Citylets, we offer access to student accommodation in Dundee for potential occupants from all over the world, so you're sure to find what you want on our helpful and easy to use website.

Our pages make the search a simple and convenient one. There's no need to make endless phone calls leading to wild goose chases for the place of your dreams. Thanks to our site, you can specify where you want to live, the type of property that suits your needs and the price you want to pay. It really is that simple.

In the build-up to any academic year for both new and returning students, there will be so many things that need to be taken care of. As soon as you've found the ideal accommodation to rent in Dundee, you can focus on matters such as meeting new friends, exploring the nightlife and investigating the university's various societies.

A wonderful student journey is about to unfold

Dundee is rightly regarded as one of the best student destinations in the whole of the UK, and there are several reasons for this. The city boasts a glorious waterfront area overlooking the River Tay, there's plenty of entertainment options to enjoy, the shopping is excellent and the cost of living is low compared to other cities.

One of the best things about the student experience in Dundee is the fact that everything you need is within easy reach of the city centre. Between 15-20% of the population are students, so you'll meet plenty of like-minded individuals in no time at all.

The city has a wonderfully friendly and lively atmosphere, making it the ideal backdrop to a hugely enjoyable journey of discovery. Edinburgh and Glasgow are only an hour or so away, and the east coast offers so many wonderful towns and villages to explore.

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