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Discover student accommodation in Dundee

For most students, finding the perfect accommodation centres on three crucial factors:

  • The cost of the rent
  • The location of the accommodation
  • The suitability of the property

We have access to a stunning selection of rooms, flats and houses in various parts of the city, so you know there will be something to suit your individual requirements. Here at Citylets, we are all too aware of the fact that every student is an individual, with his or her own individual student accommodation needs.

There are more than fifty university buildings, with the headquarters located in the West End of the city. One of the more pleasing aspects of student life in Dundee is the proximity of some highly prestigious landmarks, such as the RRS Discovery, Slessor Gardens and the soon to open V&A Museum of Design Dundee. The city has been undergoing a major regeneration in recent years, making it a must-visit metropolis.

The very best Dundee student accommodation is ready and waiting to be discovered

You can easily find the best private student accommodation in Dundee in no time at all. If you thought it would be difficult to find a property that ticked all the right boxes, it’s time to think again. We know there are many issues for students and parents to sort out as term-time approaches, but locating somewhere to live doesn’t need to be one of them.

The University of Dundee began life as a constituent college of the University of St Andrews, and it was granted independent status back in 1967. Nowadays, it has a student body of around 15,000, with an undergraduate/postgraduate ratio of 2:1. Dundee is a vibrant city with an excellent nightlife, so it comes as no surprise to hear it’s one of the most popular seats of learning in the whole of Scotland.

As well as using our property listings to filter out properties which are outside the limits of your budget, you can also use it to find accommodation which has the right number of bedrooms for your needs, which is available at your preferred time and which has recently been added to the listings. No wonder so many students and so many parents use Citylets as their first port of call.

Take a look at Citylets and see what we can do for you.

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