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Discover student accommodation in Dundee

With two universities'-worth of students vying for property, finding student accommodation in Dundee can be a challenge.

Not with Citylets.

We work with the City of Discovery's top letting agents to bring you a comprehensive, easy-to-search database of available student accommodation in Dundee. Simply type in a location, your budget and the number of bedrooms you need. We'll do the rest.

Instantly, we will present you with a list of suitable properties. From there, the ball is in your court. Check out pictures, get in touch with agents, and arrange viewings at your own pace. With Citylets, it really is as easy as that.

Dundee student accommodation - the choice is yours

Dundee is in the middle of a multi-million pound, citywide facelift - and student accommodation is feeling the benefit.

Countless new developments have sprung up in the city's traditional student areas - the West End and the City Centre - while the tenement housing stock which defines the rest of Dundee remains as student-friendly as ever.

As a result, the quality of student accommodation in Dundee is better than it has ever been - if you know where to look.

Stick with Citylets for student accommodation

We only work with reputable letting agents; those with a reputation for high-quality listings and a professional approach. That's how we manage to keep our listings topped up with the very best student accommodation in Dundee.

With Citylets, you only get the best.

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