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Finding student accommodation in Aberdeen

The first few weeks of a university term can be hectic, but if you’re happy with your choice of accommodation you can settle into the experience far more smoothly. If you’re fortunate enough to be heading off to study in Aberdeen, you’ll find it a fascinating city with plenty to see and do.

Here at Citylets, we’ve been matching the right students with the right accommodation in Aberdeen for many years, and we continue to offer a stunning range of rooms, flats and houses for students from across the UK and right around the world.

For newbies, finding the right student accommodation in the ideal location for an affordable price can seem like a daunting process, but we can take all the stress away from the situation in a moment. Our easy to use database makes it easy to set the required parameters, and in moments you’ll be looking at a comprehensive list of suitable options.

The good news for both newcomers and returning students is that you’ll have a great range of places to choose from. There’s a vibrant market for private student accommodation in Aberdeen, from rooms in shared properties to flats and houses in various parts of the city.

Aberdeen attracts students just like you from all over the world

The city of Aberdeen is a popular choice with students, in part because it offers an exciting nightlife, a wonderful choice of bars, clubs and restaurants and of course a stretch of iconic Scottish coastline. It’s worth noting that many of the bars in the centre of town offer discounts to students.

The city has an extremely large student population, thanks to the existence of two universities in Aberdeen. The University of Aberdeen has around 14,000 students, while there are around 17,000 attending Robert Gordon University, which is located close by.

When they’re not hard at work on their academic courses, students in Aberdeen like to make the most of the city that surrounds them. There are plenty of shops, cafés, live music venues, sporting facilities and cultural landmarks waiting to be explored. Thanks to a diverse student population and a relaxed atmosphere, it seems there’s always something going on here.

If you’ve chosen Aberdeen, you need to find the ideal accommodation, and thanks to Citylets you’re just a few mouse clicks away from the perfect student home.

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