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Finding student accommodation in Glasgow

Glasgow universities have an excellent reputation in the UK, and as you might expect competition for the best accommodation can be somewhat hectic as term-time approaches. In order to find the most suitable home for both new and returning students, all you need to do is use our dedicated student search.

With our help, you can find details of all types of student accommodation in a city that’s exciting, cultured, diverse and friendly. Whether you’re searching for a single room or a whole house, you can find it right here for a price that you’ll find fair and affordable. Your quest for the best begins with a few clicks of a mouse.

The University of Glasgow was established way back in the 15th century, and these days it’s home to more than 27,000 students. One of the seats of the Scottish Enlightenment, it boasts an impressive list of former students and academic staff members, a list that includes Sir James Watt, Adam Smith, Lord Kelvin and Lord Lister. In the modern era, it features Nicola Sturgeon, Vince Cable and Peter Capaldi.

You’ll be able to find private student accommodation in Glasgow in various parts of the city, in part because there are several university buildings to be found here. The main campus is at Gilmorehill, which is located in the popular West End of the metropolis, while other buildings include the Veterinary School in Bearsden and the Crichton Campus, which is situated at the Dumfries and Galloway Royal Infirmary. Purpose Built Student Accommodation in Glasgow is also becoming very popular.

All types of Glasgow student accommodation can be found with ease thanks to us

Properties around the main campus at Gilmorehill include many converted tenements which have long been a familiar sight in the city. They provide an iconic location in which to live during your student years, and to gain a taste of what the history of Glasgow has to offer. Needless to say, our selection of properties also includes many new developments in various neighbourhoods.

One of the more pleasing aspects of studying in Glasgow is the ease of getting from A to B. As well as plenty of buses and overground trains to choose from, there’s also the impressive Subway, a loop of 15 stations running around the West End and city centre. The nearest station to Gilmorehill is Hillhead. Walking from the city centre to the campus can involve a pleasant stroll through the famous Kelvingrove Park.

Glasgow is rightly celebrated for its nightlife, and there are several bars and clubs within a very short distance of the University. Many establishments offer discounts to the student body, so it’s worth making a few investigations before heading off for your first night out. This is a city that’s also home to a superb selection of live music venues, ranging from small clubs right up to larger establishments such as the SSE Hydro, the O2 Academy and the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall.

Here at Citylets, we have become the go-to people for many students in recent years, and we specialise in matching both newcomers and returnees to the ideal accommodation options with a minimum of effort. All you have to do is set a budget, specify a location and check out the various choices that appear in a matter of seconds. We know how stressful a new term can be, but finding suitable student accommodation in Glasgow can be as stress-free as you want.

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