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Flats to rent in Aberdeen

Aberdeen is one of the most prosperous cities in the whole of the UK, thanks mainly to a thriving oil industry. Unusually, the city is located between the mouths of two rivers, the Dee and the Don. It's located on Scotland's north-east coast, and properties on the waterfront enjoy picturesque views of the North Sea.

As you might expect from a popular city, you'll find a comprehensive selection of flats and houses to rent in Aberdeen and the surrounding villages. Whether you're looking for a new-build in the centre of the metropolis or a more traditional property in the suburbs, we can help you find it with ease.

This city has grown significantly over the years, and as a result there are property options in a great variety of styles. The older Victorian houses and flats are much sought-after, in part because they are made from local granite, and as such they have a wonderfully iconic look.

Finding the best flats in Aberdeen is easier than you thought

Here at Citylets, we offer access to every type of property, from single-occupancy studio flats to large townhouses and all points in between. We also have an eclectic selection of student accommodation in Aberdeen for both returning students and first-year newbies looking to find a home in this wonderful city.

Our simple to use website enables you to create a bespoke search, so only those properties which match your requirements can appear. You can easily specify how many bedrooms you want, the length of lease, the property type and, perhaps most important of all, your minimum and maximum spend.

In a matter of seconds, you will be looking at a list that has been tailored to you, so you don't have to waste time looking at places which aren't suitable. A process that was once time-consuming and laborious is now fast, slick and stream-lined. When you need to find a home in Aberdeen, Citylets can make it happen.

A wonderful city is waiting to be discovered

Once you have found a home and settled in, you can make the most of life in an iconic city. Aberdeen is a friendly, welcoming place that you will want to explore from day one. There are two superb universities here, as well as a great beach that offers a lively buzz and plenty of water-sports to enjoy.

The city hosts an annual jazz festival, there are a number of live music venues and several well-known shopping areas. The architecture is extremely eye-catching, with many buildings made from granite during the Victorian era. The mica deposits in the granite sparkle in the sunlight, creating a particularly pretty effect.

Aberdeen is well-known for its parks, open spaces and floral displays. The city has been named Best City by the British Horticultural Society on a number of occasions, so it's the perfect location for long walks amid the greenery and of course along the coastline. This is a place that you can fall in love with, so let Citylets help you find the ideal property in Scotland's famous Granite City.

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