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  • Aberdeen Property Leasing

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  • Aberdein Considine (Aberdeen)*

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  • Aberdein Considine (Dyce)

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  • Babs Buglass Leasing

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  • Barbara Ellis Leasing

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  • Caroline Walker Property Leasing

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  • DJ Alexander (Aberdeen)

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  • DJ Alexander (Kemnay)

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  • Easthaven Property Management

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  • Homeguard Leasing

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  • Letts & Co. Properties Limited

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  • Margaret Duffus Leasing

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  • Martin & Co (Aberdeen)

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  • Murray & Currie (Aberdeen)

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  • Northwood Aberdeen

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  • Trinity Factors

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  • Winchesters

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Houses to rent in Aberdeen

We at Citylets know how important it is to find the ideal property with a minimum of fuss, and that’s why we’ve made the whole process as easy as can be. Thanks to our simple to use website, finding houses and flats to rent in Aberdeen is stress-free, convenient and fast.

Our site includes filters which enable you to tailor a search according to your needs. Just a few clicks of a mouse are all it takes to enable you to sift out properties which are not within your budget, which don’t have the required number of bedrooms and which aren’t in your desired location.

As soon as you have chosen your required parameters, you will be left with a list of desirable homes that fit in perfectly with your chosen criteria. Looking for a property is a big step, of course, and it’s so reassuring to know that it will be far simpler than you might ever have imagined.

Explore a city that has everything you need

Many of the public buildings in the city centre feature some splendid Victorian architecture, reflecting the grandeur of a city that has generated a great deal of wealth over the years. Major landmarks include the old North of Scotland Bank, the Music Hall and the Central Library.

Aberdeen offers a wonderful social scene, with a great many pubs, clubs, bars, restaurants and coffee shops waiting to welcome the visitor. There are some excellent sporting facilities that are located throughout the city, including of course some impressive water-sports options to be found along the beachfront.

Whether you are on the lookout for a family house or perhaps a shared property to be used as student accommodation in Aberdeen, Citylets can help you turn that dream into a reality. All you need is a few minutes of time and our superb website. A city like no other is ready and waiting to welcome you, so get ready for an experience that you are sure to enjoy.

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