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Houses for lease in Aberdeen

Citylets are here to give you expert advice when you are looking for houses for lease in Aberdeen. "The Granite City" is a prosperous and thriving metropolis, which attracts visitors and residents from across the globe.

Many of the houses for lease in Aberdeen are built using locally sourced granite, a material that was especially popular during the Victorian period. The mica deposits in the granite mean the city’s grand townhouses often sparkle in the sun.

These spectacular townhouses sit side-by-side with equally eye-catching new developments. Whether you are looking for houses to rent in Aberdeen with a real historical pedigree or you want an innovative new build, Citylets will help you find your ideal home.

Types of houses to rent in Aberdeen

There is a diverse selection of houses for lease in Aberdeen, from grand Victorian and Georgian homes to smart new developments.

This wide range of property reflects the fascinating history of the city. Many of the classical granite homes were built during the 18th century, when the shipbuilding and fishing industries improved the prosperity of Aberdeen and the country as a whole.

The discovery of oil in the North Sea in the 1970s generated a new economic boom in the city. Increased employment lead to a wave of house building as the oil industry attracted more people to Aberdeen.

Whether you prefer the architecture of the 18th of 20th centuries, you will be able to find houses for lease in Aberdeen that meet your requirements.

Union Street, the main street in Aberdeen city centre, is a bustling thoroughfare, much loved by shoppers. Markets selling food from local farms and international suppliers are held here regularly.

Whatever part of the city you want to live in - the centre or the outskirts - you will be able to find houses for rent in Aberdeen quickly and easily with Citylets.

Finding houses for rent in Aberdeen

The architecture in Aberdeen is world famous and is one of the main reasons people are attracted to the city.

Citylets have access to information about a wide range of traditional granite homes and new houses to rent in Aberdeen. Our database of property in Aberdeen is kept up-to-date, so you can always see what properties are available in the city.

Our listings are designed to be accessible, informative and user-friendly. We put all the information you might require to find houses for lease in Aberdeen in one place, making your property search fast and convenient.

We also provide a detailed summary on each property, so you have all the necessary information to make a decision when choosing a new home.

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