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Citylets.co.uk is the most visited residential lettings site in the UK, according to competitive intelligence agency Experian Hitwise, with over 4 million visitors per year. For a full overview of our audience reach, growth and credentials, please view our slideshow or peruse key facts below:

  • Audience reach of over 4 million visitors per year*
  • Over 500 agent offices**
  • Advertising >60,000 properties per year**
  • Scotland's leading residential lettings site***

Our rate of growth has accelerated in recent years. In Q1 2013, we attracted over 4x the visitor numbers of Q1 2007 or, put another way, more than the entire 2007 year.

Citylets is growing
  • Visitor traffic over 4x 2007
  • Citylets is growing
  • Dedicated to residential lettings
  • Annual visitor traffic increased by 3 million between 2007-2013
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