Property to rent in Aberdeen

The "Granite City" has some of the most distinctive and beautiful architecture in Scotland, which means property to rent in Aberdeen is always popular.

Aberdeen is known across the world as the "Energy Capital of Europe", thanks to the prosperous oil and gas industries. The discovery of North Sea oil led to a boom in the city - making property to rent in Aberdeen highly popular.

Home to two highly regarded universities, Aberdeen attracts students from all across the UK and further afield. At Citylets, we make it easier to find term-time housing by offering a wide range of student accommodation and short-term leases

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Citylets are here to make it easy to find the right property to rent in Aberdeen. Each home comes with a highly detailed profile, and the range of properties available means you will always be able to find something to suit your budget.

Offering all the galleries, bars, restaurants and public parks you would expect to find in a cosmopolitan city, Aberdeen is a wonderful place to live.

With Citylets, you can make Aberdeen your home.

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