PBSA in Edinburgh

With so many affordable and practical student accommodation options on the market, it's worth exploring the matter long before term-time comes along. Here at Citylets, we offer access to a superb range of choices that will tempt new and returning students from across the UK and beyond, and we recommend spending a little time going through our property selection in order to find the ideal place to live.

There are many highly rated universities in Edinburgh, so it's easy to see why there is such a great demand for flats, houses and shared rooms. As we get ever closer to the beginning of a new term, the rush to find student accommodation becomes increasingly hectic. In this particular instance, it has to be said that the early bird stands far more chance of catching the worm.

While there are a great many traditional residential buildings on offer to students in Edinburgh, we have seen an increase in the popularity of purpose built student accommodation (PBSA) in recent times. The city council and the academic authorities have worked hard to cater to a student population that has grown rapidly in the past decade.

To PBSA or not to PBSA, that is the question

One of the most pleasing aspects of finding student accommodation in Edinburgh is the sheer diversity of the available choices. If PBSA is not to your liking, you'll find a substantial number of shared occupation options in both houses and flats in virtually all parts of the city.

At Citylets, we realise that new students, not to mention their parents, have so many things to attend to before the first day of term arrives. Therefore, we have taken the stress out of finding a home. No matter which of the city's universities you might be attending, or which area you wish to be located in, or how your budget is structured, you will be able to find an ideal property in just a few moments.

The student experience in Edinburgh is hugely enjoyable and exceptionally rewarding, so make sure you start the journey in the best possible way. All you need to find the place that ticks all the right boxes is our website, so take a look today and start the ball rolling.


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