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Student accommodation in West Lothian

There is a growing demand for student accommodation in West Lothian. This is due partly to the increasing popularity of courses at West Lothian College, as well as the easy commute to Glasgow and Edinburgh.

There are excellent transport links from West Lothian to major cities in Scotland. This - coupled with low rent when compared to other cities - means student accommodation in West Lothian is highly popular.

If you are looking for term-time accommodation, Citylets are here to ensure that your property search goes as smoothly as possible.

The Citylets service

At Citylets we maintain a large and detailed database of student accommodation in West Lothian. To find your ideal flat or room for rent, all you have to do is enter your budget and any other requirements.

Within seconds, we will find the homes that meet your needs. Each house has a profile containing all the information you need to make the right choice.

This includes internal and external photographs of the properties, details of nearby amenities and contact details if you want to arrange a viewing.

The letting agents in West Lothian that are included in the Citylets database will help manage and maintain your property after you move in. Our service does not end at the moment you pick up the keys.

Types of student accommodation in West Lothian

Whether you are looking for a flat of your own or a room to rent in West Lothian, there are many different types of property in the area.

From grand Georgian townhouses with their ornate cornices and large front windows to modern new builds, West Lothian is known for the diversity of its architecture.

Converted factories and mills are a popular choice for those seeking student accommodation in West Lothian, especially if they want a home with a bit of history to it.

Whether you are looking for a long-term lease or only want to rent a flat during your studies, Citylets are here to help you find accommodation in West Lothian that suits your budget and lifestyle.

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