The cost of living in Glasgow

Like all major cities in the UK, Glasgow can be a little expensive in some areas and a great deal cheaper in others. As you might expect from a major metropolis with a large and diverse range of neighbourhoods, the cost of living in Glasgow will often depend on which area you happen to be in. This, after all, is what city life is all about.

ReceiptThe city centre plays host to a huge number of bars, pubs, clubs, caf├ęs and restaurants, each of which offers an excellent opportunity to make the most of the city's famous conviviality. And while you can expect city centre prices in many of them, there are plenty more which will surprise you when the bill arrives.

It goes without saying that the majority of the locals will know which establishments are costly and which are more affordable. Shopping around is a way of life for almost all city residents throughout the UK, and in Glasgow it's no different. The price of anything from a cup of tea to a month's rent can range between two wide extremes.

Making your way around the city is a piece of cake

Getting from A to B in the city will often depend on where you're living and where you need to get to, of course, but it's reassuring to know that Scotland's largest and busiest metropolis has an impressively affordable public transport system. It's worth noting that the cost of living in Glasgow City Centre may be a little higher, but if it reduces the need to travel it could balance out the overall budget.

Glasgow BusOne of the best ways to keep your transport spending in check is to purchase a Zonecard. These flexible tickets cover travel on overground trains, Subway, most of the buses and even some of the ferries. They're available for various periods of time ranging from one day all the way up to a whole year.

The city is rightly famous for its nightlife, thanks in part to a number of excellent live music venues, cinemas, eateries and watering holes. While many of the more fashionable establishments may be on the pricey side compared to those elsewhere, there are plenty more which offer good value, even in the centre of Glasgow itself.

It's fun to be one of the West End girls... and boys

The cost of living in Glasgow obviously has to factor in the price of rents throughout the city. The West End is a hugely popular choice, in part because it's a stylish neighbourhood with plenty to see and do. On the minus side, perhaps, is that with this trendy reputation you're likely to see more expensive property prices.

You'll find some wonderful flats to rent in Glasgow overall, including many in the West End itself. If your budget will stretch to this area, you may find that you're somewhat spoilt for choice. The bottom line is if you can afford it, and you like your local area to be a little bohemian, you will love it here.

Elsewhere, the city plays host to some excellent areas which are perfect for young families. Rental costs in Southside, the area to the south of the M74 and east of the M77, are more affordable, and to many in the know they perhaps represent the best value in the whole of Glasgow at the moment.

A pleasing mix of the contemporary and the traditional

Tenement FlatsFor those who like a little tradition, the good news is that Southside still plays host to a wonderful selection of sandstone tenements, many of which are available to rent at extremely affordable monthly rates. And with a great choice of local entertainment, you may not need to venture into the city as often as you might think.

Whichever area you decide to live in, you can keep your budget healthy by adopting sensible strategies which apply in Glasgow in much the same way as they do in other British cities. Grocery shopping will be cheaper if you can buy in bulk for some items, and of course your choice of supermarket can make a great deal of difference.

While independent grocery stores will often be a little more expensive, you can still afford to shop around for bargains. Glasgow is home to a wonderfully diverse spectrum of shops, ranging from one-off individual stores to familiar-name chains that can be found on just about any high street in Britain.

Shopping in Glasgow is always an enjoyable experience, especially in areas which offer plenty of variety. Those who are new to living in Partick will no doubt be surprised by just how many stores they will have to choose from. As an added bonus, they will also be able to get to other areas via the local Subway station.

Glasgow compares well with the rest of the country

When the cost of living in Glasgow is compared to other British cities, it's perhaps easy to see why the city has become something of a magnet in recent years. It's an accepted fact that London is more expensive than anywhere else in Britain, but the realisation that renting a home in Glasgow is somewhere around 60% cheaper than the UK capital is something of an eye-opener.

Even when the city is compared to Edinburgh, a mere 42 or so miles away, the results are impressive. In 2016, renting a flat or house in the Scottish capital is around 14% costlier than in Glasgow. No wonder so many people, including a sizable number of students, are opting for the western side of Scotland instead of the east.

If you are currently thinking about a move to Glasgow, you can find all you need to know with a little help from Citylets. We offer insights into life throughout the region, and of course we have a whole host of wonderful flats and houses to choose from. Get in touch with us today to find out more about one of Europe's most iconic cities.


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