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Every year, a sizable proportion of local residents and incoming newbies decide to rent properties in the city, and by taking such a decision they are opening up a whole new world of options. Glasgow is home to an eclectic choice of properties, ranging from plush apartments in brand new developments to iconic Victorian town houses in tree-lined avenues and all stops in between.

Property DoorsOne of the reasons for the city's popularity is the ease of finding the right home to suit the right people. One look at our huge selection of flats and houses to rent in Glasgow is enough to convince you that Citylets are your gateway to a place that's exciting, welcoming and wonderfully diverse. Whatever you're looking for in a metropolis, the chances are you will find it right here.

Glasgow is home to a tempting range of neighbourhoods, each offering its own unique flavour to those who live there. The centre of the city is a glorious combination of the contemporary and the traditional, and it plays host to tourists and office workers by day followed by party-goers and music lovers by night. If you choose to live in or around Glasgow Harbour you'll be surrounded by a noticeable buzz.

The price is right and the location is right

As you venture out towards the suburbs of the city, you'll come across a selection of neighbourhoods that offer quality living at affordable prices. There are a great many exceptional flats to rent in Glasgow at rates that may well surprise you. Rental costs here are lower than in Edinburgh or Aberdeen, for example, and are even a little lower than the average for the whole of Scotland.

Costs of RentingThere are so many reasons to fall in love with Glasgow living, and one of them is undoubtedly the plethora of public parks, gardens and green spaces. The centre of the city can be busy and bustling at times, but it's also beautiful, and even in the height of the rush hour you can find plenty of tranquil havens in which to stop and smell the flowers.

Thanks to the comprehensive selection of properties and the affordability of prices, renting is still an extremely viable and popular option among locals and newcomers. For those on a budget, there are flats and houses at low prices in neighbourhoods which are pleasingly close to the city centre. Many of these locations are home to large numbers of students attending classes at the University of Glasgow in Hillhead.

Public transport options that make travel so simple

Students and office workers who are living in Bridgeton, Partick and many other neighbourhoods close to the city centre will be able to use the city's highly convenient Subway system to get from A to B. Running on a loop, it has 15 stations both south and north of the River Clyde. A complete circuit of the whole network takes around 25 minutes to complete.

TrainGlasgow is also home to an intricate overground train network and plenty of bus routes operate throughout the city. The simplicity and convenience of the public transport options ensure easy access to the centre of the city from all outer neighbourhoods. Even if you're living in Mount Florida or any other outer suburb, you'll find the commute to be a relatively painless process.

One of the most important factors for parents of young children is the quality and proximity of local schools, and this is an area in which Glasgow greatly excels. There are many highly-rated primary and secondary schools throughout the city, from the outer suburbs right into the centre itself. And with the wonderful choice of rental properties on the market, you can find a home close to whichever establishment is at the top of your wish-list.

A city with options for just about everyone

While certain areas here may appeal more to specific groups, it's worth noting that Glasgow is rightly regarded as an eclectic city with a highly diverse population. Outer suburbs such as Bishopbriggs, Bearsden and Shawlands are popular with retirees, but there are still plenty of young professionals, self-contained family units and students to be found here.

Moving to a new city can be daunting, but Glasgow is undoubtedly one of the best for newcomers in the UK. The centre is home to a vibrant nightlife, superb shopping and a great selection of employment opportunities. The streets here are laid out in a grid pattern, making it particularly easy for those who are trying to find their bearings. Adapting to the heartbeat of a metropolis like this one is extremely simple.

Given the fact that the choice of rented houses and flats is so large, you can find a property to suit just about all budgets. From small apartments to sizable detached houses, there is something for everyone here in glorious Glasgow. Narrowing your selection down to the right size, the right location and the right price is easy when you use the Citylets website, so find your ideal home in a matter of minutes today.

Whether you are looking to rent a flat in the heart of the city or a house in one of the peaceful suburbs, you will be spoilt for choice right from the start. To negotiate your way through the options, you should be speaking to the experts from Citylets. We know all there is to know about Glasgow, and can offer advice on all aspects of life here in Scotland's busiest and brightest location.


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