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In the not too distant past, searching for the most appropriate student flats in Aberdeen was a stressful process that at times seemed to go on for ever. It often involved a great many phone calls to landlords and associations, many of which resulted in the discovery that the flats in question had already been snapped up. All in all, it took far longer than it should have.

Fast forward now to the present day and the scenario is a very different one. There's a superb selection of Aberdeen student flats and houses on the rental market, and here at Citylets we can help you find the perfect one in no time. Our user-friendly website enables you to filter out properties of the wrong size, in the wrong location and at the wrong price in a matter of seconds.

After that, you're left with a range of options that you know will already match all of your requirements. There are no lengthy phone calls, no wild goose chases and no crushing disappointments. Whether you plan to live alone or with a group of like-minded students, we can match you with a home that's convenient for classes, close to the buzz of the city and that matches your personal budget.

A city that's perfect for the student experience

There are so many things that need to be taken care of even before you head off to Aberdeen for your first day in your adopted city. New students and their anxious parents have a great many boxes to tick, so it's reassuring to know that finding a property that fits all the main criteria can be achieved with a maximum of efficiency and a minimum of fuss.

Once these things have been sorted, you can then look forward to the start of your student journey. Whether you're studying at the University of Aberdeen, Robert Gordon University or a local college, you'll want to embrace everything that this excellent city has to offer. You might want to start with the beach, where there's a lively buzz and a great selection of bars and restaurants.

In the city centre, you'll find plenty of live entertainment venues, clubs and coffee shops. There's plenty of retail therapy to be found here as well. The first few weeks at uni are always a journey of discovery, especially if you've never been to your new city before. Be sure to enjoy every moment of the experience.

Once you have sorted out your student flat in Aberdeen, you can then settle easily into a routine that's based around studying and socialising. Here at Citylets, we've been matching the best properties to the most suitable students for many years, and we're proud to be on hand to help you start your journey on the right footing.


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