Edinburgh College (formerly Telford College)

Now part of the highly rated Edinburgh College, Telford College took its name from the celebrated Scottish civil engineer Thomas Telford. The college campus is located in Granton, in the northern suburbs of the city and within easy reach of the centre. It offers more than a thousand courses in a diverse range of subjects, and is home to some excellent facilities for both studying and taking part in sporting activities.

Edinburgh is rightly regarded as an easy city in which to get around, thanks to an extensive public transport network. Students who are based in Granton will be able to get to the city centre quickly and easily thanks to a selection of bus routes, and those taking to two wheels will be impressed by the cycle-friendliness of Edinburgh as a whole.

Finding the ideal student accommodation in Edinburgh is a simple process thanks to our user friendly search control. Here at Citylets, we can match the right student to the right property in no time, whether you’re attending Edinburgh College for your first year or returning after studying here previously. Granton has a great range of accommodation options, and we can lead you to them with a minimum of fuss.

One of the more pleasing aspects of studying in Edinburgh is the exciting buzz which the city offers. It’s a popular destination with tourists as well, of course, and that helps to make the infrastructure such a strong one. Here in one of the most impressive cities in the world you’ll find plenty to see and do, whether you’re looking for a quiet meal with friends or a night on the town will all the gang.

Beat the rush by finding your ideal Edinburgh accommodation right here

Edinburgh is home to a number of colleges and universities, so when a new term is on the horizon the rush to find somewhere to live can become intense. You’ll find a superb range of purpose built student accommodation in Edinburgh, however, so there’s always enough to go around. It should be noted that the early bird catches the worm, though, so if you are quick off the mark you can find a wider range of options to choose from.

The first step should involve nothing more strenuous than a quick look at our available properties, so have a look today and see how we can guide you in the right direction. Whether you seek a single room or a share in a flat or house, we can help you find it. Once you have pinned down the ideal accommodation, your thoughts can turn to other matters, such as what to take with you.

The student experience is always a pleasant one, and it has the ability to be wonderfully life-affirming in a city like Edinburgh. Here in Scotland’s glorious capital, you’ll be surrounded by beautiful architecture, an exciting nightlife and a stunning mix of cultural landmarks. It’s ready and waiting to be discovered, so get ready to do some exploring.


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