The University of Edinburgh

Steeped in history, immensely popular and boasting a wonderful cross-section of former alumni, the University of Edinburgh is among the world's elite. Here in the very heart of Scotland's capital city, students can savour an academic journey that offers just about everything. It's no mean feat to be accepted here, but if you've managed to get through the selection process you'll be in for a fabulous experience.

In effect, the University of Edinburgh is organised in three colleges, covering Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, Medicine and Veterinary Medicine and, thirdly, that of Science and Engineering. There are more than 35,000 students in all, with an undergraduate/postgraduate ratio of around 2:1. There are university buildings in various parts of the city, with many of them found in the very centre of the metropolis.

You'll enjoy a large and diverse choice when it comes to finding student accommodation in Edinburgh, so you need to be thinking about the parameters of your search. You'll find it easy to filter out rooms, flats and houses which aren't in your desired location, for example. And with a click or two of a mouse, sifting out properties which don't match your budget will be equally simple.

As well as those in the centre of the city, you'll also find University of Edinburgh buildings in other areas, including:

  • King's Buildings, to the south
  • Pollok Halls, to the east
  • Little France, near the city's Royal Infirmary
  • Easter Bush, in Roslin
  • Holyrood, in the city centre close to the Royal Mile

The city that has everything the student needs

There are so many good reasons to study in Edinburgh. They include the quality of the nightlife in the city, the friendly atmosphere that's found just about everywhere, the ease of getting from A to B and the many cultural landmarks that surround you. And with six major seats of learning here, including the highly rated Napier University, there are many other young people going through the same experiences as you.

Edinburgh has more restaurants per head of population than any other city in the UK, and popular nightlife options include a great selection of live music venues and plenty of theatres and cinemas. If you're a keen sportsperson, you'll find dozens of sports and activities to choose from, and if you just fancy a little peace and quiet there are so many parks and green spaces waiting to welcome you. In Scotland's fabulous capital, everything you want from life is always close by.

The University of Edinburgh has a rich heritage, having first opened its doors more than 430 years ago. To this day, many of the university's buildings are to be found in the iconic Old Town, and they serve as a reminder of the establishment's illustrious past. Former alumni are represented in all walks of life, and they include three former Prime Ministers: Lord John Russell, Viscount Palmerston and, more recently, Gordon Brown.

There are several universities in Scotland, but surely none can boast all the plus points that the University of Edinburgh has to offer. With such a fabulous city waiting to show you all of its charms, the first step involves finding the student accommodation that hits the right spot. This was once a frustrating task, but thanks to Citylets it has become an extremely simple and totally stress-free process. If you're planning on studying in Edinburgh in the coming weeks and months, start the ball rolling with a look at our website. The accommodation you need can be found right here.


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