Student Accommodation Housing Guide

After selecting the course you wish to take, choosing the most appropriate student accommodation will be the most important decision you make in the run-up to your first term. Making the right choice is crucial at this stage, because if you make the wrong one it can have an adverse effect on your enjoyment levels during this vital period.

Here at Citylets, we know how it may seem a complex process to find the right property, but with our user-friendly search the stress has become a thing of the past. Whether you're studying economics in Edinburgh, science in Stirling or anthropology in Aberdeen, we can lead you to the place that will feel like home from the moment you move in.

There are all types of student accommodation available to both new and returning students on the market, so it makes sense to engage the help of experts. Looking for the right place can be fun and once you have made your decision, you can focus on the other matters that need to be dealt with before you settle in.

You'll have to ask yourself a few questions about your accommodation requirements before you start the process. They include:

  • Do I want a room in a shared house?
  • How many people do I want to share with?
  • Would I prefer a flat to myself?
  • How close to the university will I want to be?
  • How much am I able to spend on rent?
  • How soon will the property be available?

Once you have an idea of the criteria, you can begin your search. With our help, you can easily find a selection of options that match your needs. Thanks to Citylets, finding private student accommodation in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen or in many other Scottish locations will be far easier than you may have thought.

While some students will be living on campus, those who choose private accommodation will be able to enjoy the student experience without feeling hemmed in by the university and the buzz that surrounds it. In many ways, private renting offers the best of both worlds, especially perhaps to those who are attending their first year.

A sense of new-found freedom awaits...

And one of the most pleasing aspects of renting from the private sector is the sense of freedom that it brings. Taking this option means you can shop around to find the ideal place at the right price and in the optimum area. If a flat or house doesn't match your needs, simply forget it and look for something else instead.

It's important, especially for first-year students, to understand that managing payments and living within a budget can come as a bit of a shock to start with. Most students will understandably have left such matters to their parents in the past, but student life brings with it a first taste of major responsibility. As you get used to the experience, you will need to make sure you tread somewhat carefully.

Another issue which needs to be taken into consideration will be having to deal with landlords or letting agents during the period of tenancy. If there are problems that need be discussed, it makes sense to face up to them in an open and friendly manner. Sensible discussions are the key to happy agent-landlord- tenant relations.

Put simply, if there are problems with your accommodation, it's best to talk with the agents or landlords. Leaving such matters to fate can cause unnecessary resentment, and that will often only get worse. By the same token, if you are not fulfilling your responsibilities as a tenant, they will want to speak to you.

For the most part, however, once you have found the right accommodation you will be free to enjoy the year and the student experience that comes with it. Scotland is home to some of the finest universities in Europe, so do all you can to glean the most pleasure from the whole journey. In many ways, attending a university away from home is an opportunity to experience a completely new way of life.


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