Student Accommodation Must Haves

It may be easier for new students to make a list of the things they won't be able to take to uni with them, rather than the things they can. Unfortunately, the majority of students will only be able to take a certain amount due to restrictions on space, but of course there will be a number of items that they simply have to have with them.

The sensible first step is to make a list. Naturally, the restrictions will vary from one person to the next, because the size of their chosen student accommodation will be different for each individual. Perhaps the first item on the list, purely because you have to have them, will be the various course materials that are required. Books, stationery and perhaps a laptop will be must-haves.

Shoes and clothing will also need to feature high on the list, of course, but it may be a little difficult to decide which items to take. You'll need everyday wear, and will have to take into account the extremes of weather on any given day. Needless to say, you'll enjoy a good social life during the term, so make some room for your fancy gear as well.

Remember the large items, remember the small items

If your chosen accommodation doesn't have a TV, this may need to be on the list. Bedding will be required, and perhaps a cushion or two for the armchair and sofa, but it's worth pointing out that you should be thinking about the smaller items as well. They include phone chargers, toiletries, sunglasses and, if required, medical supplies. And on that note, don't forget to pack a first aid kit, which hopefully you'll never need.

Using the Citylets search you can find student accommodation in Aberdeen, Glasgow and elsewhere in Scotland in no time, and once you've found the property that suits your needs you can focus your attentions on what you need to bring on your first visit.

Many students like to make sure they bring a little piece of home with them, because by doing this they can stave off any initial feelings of homesickness. To make them feel more settled, a few posters can help, and plenty of photos of friends and family members. An ornament or two can be useful, along with some favourite books, DVDs and CDs. Items such as these have therapeutic as well as practical value.

Once you have found the right accommodation, you need to set about finding what is included and what isn't. In the kitchen there might be a toaster, a kettle and a microwave, although in many cases there won't be. You may need to bring these yourself, along with groceries. You'll be able to shop once you arrive, of course, but it makes sense to bring a few bits and bobs to get you started, such as tea bags, a jar of coffee and a carton of milk.


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