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Branch out with a beautiful three bedroom home in Glasgow

The historic and iconic city of Glasgow is home to a thriving property rental market, so it's easy to find the home of your dreams with help from our exhaustive listings. Whether you're looking for a tranquil house in the suburbs or a buzzing place in the heart of the metropolis, you can find it with ease right here.

Large town houses in the centre of Glasgow offer comfortable living and plenty of room to grow, and of course they are located close to some of the UK's most famous attractions, entertainment venues and cultural landmarks. Many three bedroom properties in the West End are home to groups of students from the celebrated University of Glasgow.

Maybe the suburbs are calling out to you?

Of course, living in the city centre isn't everyone's idea of perfection. Thankfully, Glasgow is surrounded by a number of exquisite suburbs which offer a pleasing combination of peace and convenience. Anyone who is living in Shawlands, for example, is able to commute easily into Glasgow throughout the week and to enjoy some tranquil parks and countryside at the weekend.

Here at Citylets, we specialise in matching the right people to the most appropriate properties, and we know how popular the city's three bedroom homes can be. Whether you have a large family or perhaps you're looking to expand, you should take a look at our diverse selection at the earliest opportunity.

With such a large choice of three bedroom flats and houses to rent in Glasgow, we are sure that you'll find the perfect option in no time. We have a great selection of brand new developments in all parts of the city, as well as a number of character-rich Victorian and Edwardian homes.

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