Finding the best student flats in Dundee is oh so easy

Every student journey features at some early stage the search for a home that ticks all the right boxes. No matter where you choose to study in the UK, there will be a clamour for rooms, flats and houses, especially as term time gets ever closer. Thankfully, staying one step ahead of the crowd is easy when you make the most of our user-friendly website.

Dundee is a fabulous city in which to study. It's compact, historic, friendly and beautiful, and there's so much to see and do during your time here. Thanks to a huge redevelopment programme, the iconic waterfront area has been transformed into an exciting hive of activity, one in which the student population plays a major part.

If you're looking to join them in the coming months, you'll find a number of impressive property options on our site. Thanks to our filters, you can streamline your search in seconds to only include potential homes that are the right size, that are in the right neighbourhood and that fit in with your personal budget. It really is that simple to find exactly what you want.

A student journey that you won't want to end

There are plenty of good reasons to choose this fabulous city. There are two impressive universities in Dundee, each offering a number of excellent courses. Both are located close to the city centre, so you'll never be far away from the action. You'll also be a short distance from the fabulous nightlife that's waiting to keep you entertained during your time here.

Dundee is home to a great cross-section of clubs, pubs, bars, live music venues, theatres, cinemas, restaurants and coffee shops. There's plenty going on here, and the student community makes up a significant proportion of the population. Many of the events that appear on your social calendar will be directly aimed at students, so get ready for a journey of pleasure.

The cost of living here is relatively low, noticeably lower than in most other UK cities, so you'll have a chance to make the most of your budget. And as you might expect from a city that's rapidly becoming a major force on the Scottish tourist scene, there is a vibrant job market for those looking to improve their finances with a part-time job in the entertainment venues and retail outlets.

Finding accommodation in a fraction of the time you once needed

In the past, seeking out student accommodation in Dundee would have been a time-consuming and frustrating process. It would have taken many hours and included a number of setbacks before you found the place you wanted. That's no longer the case, so be sure to use Citylets before switching your attention to all the other issues that you need to take care of in the run-up to a new student year.

For first-time students, as well as their parents, of course, the prospect of a brand new adventure can be somewhat intimidating. Everything is new, and the change to your usual routines will seem to be a bit of a shock at first. This is completely understandable, and in the end the vast majority of newcomers soon get into the swing of things.

Once the accommodation has been taken care of, other issues will become more of a priority. Making new friends, discovering your new city and getting used to the demands of the course will all take up your time and energy. You're about to start a new chapter in life, and you can get off on the right foot with help from Citylets.


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