Dundee, an oustanding location to live and study

Dundee is one of the finest student destinations in the UK

If you have chosen to study in Dundee in the coming months, you can look forward to an experience that will bring so much in the way of pleasure, reward and fulfilment. This is one of the very best student destinations to be found anywhere in the UK, and it's easy to see why. Student life in Dundee is wonderful, so get ready for a journey that you're going to enjoy to the full.

There are two excellent seats of learning in the city. The largest is the University of Dundee, which is located in the West End, while the smaller Abertay University is to be found nearby. Because of their proximity to each other, students from both establishments enjoy access to similar live entertainment venues, retail outlets and places in which to eat and drink.

One of the major draws for Dundee at the moment is the ongoing redevelopment programme which has transformed the city's waterfront area. Here you'll find the impressive V&A Dundee, a new railway station, water-sports centres and a host of pubs, restaurants and shops. There's a very discernible buzz about the city these days, especially on the waterfront.

Save time and effort by finding a student home with Citylets

Finding the ideal student accommodation in Dundee used to be a somewhat laboured process, but with help from Citylets it's now fast, simple and stress-free. All you have to do is take a look at our website, specify a location, the size of the property and the rental spend that matches your budget and you're good to go. You'll find perfect options and all in a matter of seconds.

We have access to rooms, flats and houses in various parts of the city, so you can easily find a place that matches all of your requirements. It's worth noting that Dundee is a relatively small city, so getting from A to B is never overly difficult. Whether you want to be close to campus, in an outlying suburb or right in the heart of the waterfront, Citylets can make it happen.

Most students struggle to stick to their budgets, especially in the first few months of a brand new academic year. This is perhaps understandable, given the temptation of nights on the town, the ready availability of cultural highlights and the sudden acquisition of a group of new friends. Thankfully, the cost of living in Dundee is significantly lower than in many other major British cities.

It's often easy to find part-time work if you're flexible

And should you feel the need to find a part-time job in order to keep within your budget, there are plenty of agencies to be found in the city centre. Many of them specialise in finding work for students, both in the centre of town and on the exciting waterfront. The fact that students can be flexible in their availability for work means they are often highly regarded by employment agencies.

As a new student, you are about to undertake a fascinating and highly enjoyable journey. There is so much to discover about student life in general and Dundee life in particular, so get ready to savour every single moment. Your destination is a city that's vibrant, historic, attractive, friendly and cultural, and as soon as you've found your home with Citylets you can start to think about making the most of the adventure that awaits.


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