Edinburgh Heriot Watt University

Scoring highly in all the relevant university league tables, Heriot-Watt is a popular choice for students from all over the UK and across the world. The university is sub-divided into six schools, covering subjects such as engineering, social sciences, geoscience, textiles and design. In recent surveys, it was found that around 80% of graduates attained good quality jobs within six months of leaving.

Heriot-Watt is somewhat smaller than the University of Edinburgh, which has more than three times as many students based in the city. It has as much of a buzz as its larger neighbour, however, and it offers an exceptional experience for both newcomers and returnees. The main campus for Heriot-Watt is located in Riccarton in the south-west of the city.

The university began life as a mechanics’ institute, the first of its kind in the world, back in the 1820s. Over the years, it has had several roles, including that of an art school, a technical college and finally, in 1966, that of a university. While it started life in the centre of Edinburgh, it was relocated to Riccarton due to the need for more space. Heriot-Watt also has satellite campuses in Galashiels, Dubai, Malaysia and in the Orkney Islands.

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