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HMO Conversions – New Strategy to Achieve Higher Yields

It is about to become, quite literally, a ‘taxing’ time for landlords when the new tax changes for landlords are introduced from this April. Astute landlords who have considered the implications of the full effect in 2020 have already started to take steps to help alleviate the impact of the new cuts to tax relief. …


Cannabis Farms – Weed Them Out of Your Rental Property

When choosing tenants for your rental property you look for someone tidy, honest, responsible and reliable to pay the rent on time. It may understandably not occur to you at first to look for any signs they could be potential drug cultivators. Sounds a bit over the top? It is said that cannabis (Class B …


Not The Citylets News: Plans Drawn Up For Very Big Wall

Local Firm Aims to Ease Rental Pressures Experts at Scottish brick manufacturer, Bricking It, today announced it had drawn up bold plans to solve Scotland’s rental pressure areas by building a very big wall extending from the Scottish border up through central Scotland as far north as Perth. The wall will be designed to keep …


Property: Re-thought, Remodelled, Restyled or Refined

Brick-Sand-Mortar operates within the Scottish residential property market and focuses on residential investment, ground works and rental management. It delivers a personal and tailored service to its customers, assisting in renting properties as an investment or reselling them for capital gains. Be-Rented The MD, Graeme McEwan, graduated from Strathclyde Business School and over years has …


Vehicle Crashing into Property More Likely than a Leak!

Expect the unexpected… as a landlord it is vital that you have the right insurance cover to protect your property if something goes awry. It will not only give you piece of mind but will also save you money in the long run. Severe weather, accidental damage and other unforeseeable factors can leave you out …


Seven Deadly Sins of Renting

Let’s be honest – no one is a saint… some of us less than others, but we all have our dirty little secrets. We keep them from our parents when we are little, then from friends and partners, colleagues and bosses… and also flatmates and landlords. Most of us have rented at least once in …

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