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Emergency Coronavirus Legislation to Support Landlords and Tenants

With the fear of unknown spreading as fast as the Coronavirus itself in these unprecedented times, any and all positivity is much welcome. Tenants and landlords alike have been anticipating the government’s response to the Coronavirus crisis, offering support to those in the private rented sector who are affected by COVID-19. Emergency legislation The government …


Holidays Trump Property Deposits

A new study revealed that more private tenants in the UK prioritise saving money for holidays over putting down a deposit to own a home. According to the research conducted by mortgage lender Landbay, 76% of 2,000 surveyed tenants save money every month, with an average saving of £99 per month, above and beyond workplace …


Unlawfully Evicted Tenant Awarded £18k

A tenant who was found to have been unlawfully evicted has been awarded damages by the First-tier Tribunal for Scotland Housing and Property Chamber. In this first of its kind Tribunal decision, the tenant was granted £18,000. Dambaru Baral raised a case against his landlords, Mohammed and Khalda Arif, in September 2018 after he was …


Unique PRS Support Hub Helping Vulnerable Families

Glasgow City Council has set up a unique service to prevent homelessness and child poverty amongst families living in the private rented sector. No other local authority in Scotland provides such support for vulnerable families renting privately. The Private Rented Sector Support Hub Part of the council’s Housing and Regeneration Services, The Private Rented Sector …


Forever Renting and Happy!

Renting is not a necessary evil as it turns out. To the contrary, new research shows that 75% of tenants are happy to rent, with 33% of those content with renting indefinitely. A survey of 2,000 tenants across the UK, revealed that the vast majority of Brits perceive renting as an attractive option rather than …


Everything You Need to Know Before Becoming a Tenant

Renting a property might seem like less hassle and financial commitment than buying a home, but it isn’t always as simple as finding somewhere you like, moving in and then paying the rent on time. Before you embark on renting a property, here are some of the top considerations that you may not have thought …

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