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On a Tight Budget but Want to Update Your Decor? Upcycling Could Be for You

If you’re on a tight budget but keen to make some trendy updates to your rental property’s interior – upcycling could be for you. The trendy new movement uses old and discarded materials and transforms them into beautiful bespoke pieces – that you certainly wouldn’t find on the High Street. Whether it’s taking drab old …


Bleak to Chic: How a Tenant Gave Her Two-Bed Home a Makeover for Under £300

When Shauna Hannah moved into her rental property the nicotine stains and general disrepair made it feel like something out of Rab C Nesbitt. But with a bit of hard work, imagination and a few cunning tricks the student has managed to transform her new home into something worthy of Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen. And, best of …


Noisy Please! Tenants Flock to Scotland’s First Tool Library

The communal garden looks like Vietnam during the rainy season but nobody dare buy a lawnmower in case they end up as “designated grass cutter”. Or you simply need a set of ladders to dust the high ceilings of your flat but don’t have the budget to buy them, or anywhere to store them. For …


Calling All Scottish Tenants – Your Chance to Have Your Voice Heard!

Citylets is delighted to be working in partnership with Scottish Futures Trust (SFT) to carry out an in depth study of tenants views of the market rental sector in Scotland. This quick survey offers you the opportunity to let your voice be heard. Scottish Futures Trust is wholly owned by Scottish Government and the views …


Landmark Confiscation Order for Rogue Landlords

Until now, councils could only impose fines on landlords renting homes which breach legal levels of health and safety. These fines would usually be a fraction of the rogue landlords’ potential gains. However, slum landlords could now be forced to give up all earnings from their criminal activity. Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 Brent Council …


Do State Benefits Equate to Second Class Citizens in Renting?

That’s how a single mum, Rosie Keogh, felt when a letting agency rejected her application because she was on state benefit. Rosie had been living in the same property for 11 years and paying her rent in full each month, before she applied for a property in Kings Heath in Birmingham. As a housing benefit …

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