Category: Being a Tenant

Comings and Goings in Scottish Tenancies

Some tenancies in Scotland will have had the same tenants for years or even decades, but there are many situations which may result in a change to a property’s occupancy. Instances where all tenants move out are fairly straightforward, but there are different circumstances where it is not so much of an ‘open and shut …


Advice for Tenants in Scotland from a Lettings Expert

It’s been well-documented that renting in Edinburgh is no easy task, with rental rates rising and demand for property in the capital far outstripping the available supply. Renting a home in Edinburgh is currently difficult to do, with a shortage of quality homes available, and many lettings experts across the country are finding themselves inundated …


Fostering a Sense of Community in Tenements

Residing in a tenement or shared housing block presents distinct challenges and opportunities, particularly in forming a close knit community. Within these blocks, where collaboration and communication are crucial for repairing, maintaining and improving shared spaces, fostering a community spirit is not merely beneficial but essential. This article delves into various methods to cultivate a …


Out of Sight, Out of Mind… Out of Pocket?

When it comes to cleaning a property, lots of things can stand out for immediate attention. Dust on a mantlepiece, crumbs on a carpet, cooking stains on a hob, hairspray residue on a mirror… These will be obvious tasks to attend to before checking out at the end of a tenancy, but a common and …


The Great Furniture Debate: Should You Rent Fully Equipped or Bring Your Own?

When starting a new lease, one of the biggest decisions is whether to take a property already equipped with furnishings or opt for an empty space to gradually fill with your own belongings. Both options have their merits when flexibility, costs and personal style are considered, and there is demand for both furnished and unfurnished …


Only or Principal Home of a Tenant

What is or what is not the only or principal home of a tenant is a concept that has been with those operating in the private rented sector for many years. It is a concept that was carried forward into the Private Housing (Tenancies)(Scotland) Act 2016 (the 2016 Act). It also forms the basis of …

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