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Tips for Dealing With Flatshare Issues

Living with people can be extremely rewarding, but it isn’t always a walk in the park. Sharing space, facilities, bills and household chores means there are lots of things to clash over. Expert Home Tips guide you through resolving issues in your flatshare, without things getting out of hand. Nip it in the bud The worst …


How Responsible Are Scotland’s Student Tenants?

It may come as a surprise to hear that students in Scotland are in fact pretty responsible when it comes to renting properties. SafeDeposits Scotland have revealed which Scottish university students top the list for treating their ‘digs’ well. The deposit scheme hold around 60% of the market share and through their data, they discovered …


How to Kiss Bed Bugs Goodbye

Although bed bugs don’t pose any serious health hazards nor transmit diseases, living with them under one roof and in the same bed can cause distress. As most rental properties come furnished, including beds and mattresses, it is good to be aware of the risk of these little creatures when moving homes. Bed bugs are …


Broadband in Rented Accommodation

If you own your own home, having broadband installed is just a matter of finding the best deal. But what if you rent your home? What if there isn’t a landline? What happens if you have to leave the property before the end of the contract? This guide covers those questions and more. With more …


Students – Edinburgh Has it All without Costing the Earth!

“Edinburgh isn’t so much as a city, more of a way of life… I doubt I’ll ever tire of exploring Edinburgh, on foot or in print.” Ian Rankin, author of Edinburgh Inspector Rebus. “The most beautiful of all capitals of Europe.” Sir John Betjeman, Poet Laureate of United Kingdom, 1972 to 1984. Edinburgh is home …


Bestselling CO Alarms Withdrawn from Sale

Following an investigation by consumer organisation Which? on carbon monoxide alarms safety, a number of them have been removed from sale on big retail websites such as Amazon and eBay. Amazon’s bestseller Topolek GEHS007AW CO sold at £14.99, failed to detect the presence of this silent killer in more than 80% of all tests conducted. …

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