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Proposals for Change to Landlord Registration

A consultation regarding changes to the landlord registration scheme was announced last month by the Scottish Government. Landlord registration became compulsory in 2004 with the aim to improve standards in the private rented sector in Scotland. Kevin Stewart, Housing Minister for Scotland, explained that the current system needs to be more vigorous to ensure landlords …


Tenants’ Biggest Put-Offs When Renting

While choosing a property to rent, the majority of tenants make their decision based on cost, location, garden, consent to keep pets and parking… but as a landlord, do you ever wonder what renters do not want to find in their new rented home? What are the most off-putting factors that can deter prospective tenants …


Pet Proposals from Labour – Worthy of Appaws?

Labour recently announced 50 pledges surrounding animal welfare, which include tenants being able to keep their pets in rental homes regardless of the landlord’s opinion. Would Scotland follow suit? Labour promised tenants that it would do more to ensure that they would not have to give up their pets when they move rental homes. Labour …


Landmark Confiscation Order for Rogue Landlords

Until now, councils could only impose fines on landlords renting homes which breach legal levels of health and safety. These fines would usually be a fraction of the rogue landlords’ potential gains. However, slum landlords could now be forced to give up all earnings from their criminal activity. Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 Brent Council …


Do State Benefits Equate to Second Class Citizens in Renting?

That’s how a single mum, Rosie Keogh, felt when a letting agency rejected her application because she was on state benefit. Rosie had been living in the same property for 11 years and paying her rent in full each month, before she applied for a property in Kings Heath in Birmingham. As a housing benefit …


Standard Fire Safety Rules For All Properties

Amendments to a 30 year old Scottish law will see significant changes to the fire and smoke alarm regulations that will benefit everyone, regardless of tenure. The existing standards for fire and smoke alarms in Scotland are already high in the private rented sector and now they are going to be extended to all homes …

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