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Are Pensioners Who Own a House Becoming Endangered Species?

Renting appears to be a new trend amongst pensioners. The past decade has seen an increased number of retired people in the private rented sector across the UK, where around one in every 12 tenants is a retiree – a new study by letting agency, Countrywide, has revealed. Pensioners now account for 8% of all …


When Landlords Turn Rogue

Landlords often unfairly earn a negative reputation… however a couple of landlords in the US took the term “rogue landlord” to a whole new criminal level. Leslie Dennis, a landlord from York County in Maine, was so angry with his tenant for digging up the plants in the garden of his house, that he took …


Agents’ Mission Possible

Agents in London have quickly stepped in to help with rehousing the survivors of the Grenfell Tower tragedy. Brendan Ryan, Operations Manager for Daniels Estate Agents stated that: “The day after the blaze, we contacted Kensington and Chelsea Council to offer help we could, but we got no response.” “On Monday this week, we heard …


Whisky Business

You don’t need to be a connoisseur to know that a rare bottle of whisky can be valuable… but did the tenant and landlord who agreed the deal of 57 bottles of malt in lieu of £1,400 unpaid rent realise the true value of this collection? The Landlord certainly didn’t know they had also been …


Tips and Advice for Landlords Looking to Renovate their Property

Properties can often present a variety of opportunities for landlords to renovate or extend which can maximise their yield, reduce the TTL (time to let) and potentially increase the property value. It is also important to remember that renovations and improvements can be tax deductible. Popular plans which landlords have adopted, range from adding rooms …


Slow Broadband – A Rental Deal Breaker

We happen to live in modern times surrounded by sophisticated technologies and with internet present in almost every place we go: cafes, on board of public transportation, High Street shops, to name but a few. It doesn’t surprise anyone to have reception on a beach or in the mountains. Our expectations related to internet naturally …

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