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New Tenancy Agreement Website

The Scottish Government has launched a website to help landlords comply with the new legislation coming into force on December 1st. This new online tool will enable landlords to easily create private tenancy agreements. Launch day The website was officially launched by Kevin Stewart MSP, minister for local government and housing on 14th November at …


Mouldy, Steamy Horrors in Renting – but Who or What is Really to Blame?

It’s that time of year when windows can become full of condensation, marks or even mould on walls and ceilings can form and all too often the finger will point at the landlord for providing inadequate living conditions. Is it really down to the failings of the landlord? Interestingly, two out of three times, it …


Landlord with a Big Heart

Rogue landlords often make the news and deliver high readability levels to publisher. We are surrounded by bad news, they always seem to make the headlines, but what about good landlords – does no one want to hear about them anymore? This is the story about a UK Landlord that promotes kindness, compassion and humanity, …


Rental Income Guarantee Scheme to Help Build to Rent Growth

Citylets recently sponsored the third annual Build to Rent Forum 2017 which took place in Edinburgh on 12th October 2017. It was also on this day that the Scottish Government launched The Rental Income Guarantee Scheme (RIGS).The initiative is designed to lower risk for investors in the emerging Build to Rent (BTR) sector and reduce …


“We all live in a yellow…” 1

Who doesn’t like a bargain? What would you say if you could rent a home for as little as £220 a month? Too good to be true? – your first reaction is most likely ‘yes’. However, this offer is for real and it’s up for grabs if only you are prepared to live in a …


After Grenfell

Recent revelations made news that the original number of 57 private high rise properties in Glasgow that contained combustible cladding may actually be a far higher number of flats that are affected. Glasgow City Council admitted at Holyrood’s local government and communities committee that the number could reach the low hundreds. A month after Grenfell, …

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