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Broadband in Rented Accommodation

If you own your own home, having broadband installed is just a matter of finding the best deal. But what if you rent your home? What if there isn’t a landline? What happens if you have to leave the property before the end of the contract? This guide covers those questions and more. With more …


Bestselling CO Alarms Withdrawn from Sale

Following an investigation by consumer organisation Which? on carbon monoxide alarms safety, a number of them have been removed from sale on big retail websites such as Amazon and eBay. Amazon’s bestseller Topolek GEHS007AW CO sold at £14.99, failed to detect the presence of this silent killer in more than 80% of all tests conducted. …


Will Your House Give Up Its Secret Past?

Mystery messages found on walls, frames or floorboards of old houses are intriguing to find and provide interesting information about the personal lives and values of people from centuries ago. New owners of a French Chateau were startled to find out the deepest secrets of their local villagers in the late 19th century, written on …


On a Tight Budget but Want to Update Your Decor? Upcycling Could Be for You

If you’re on a tight budget but keen to make some trendy updates to your rental property’s interior – upcycling could be for you. The trendy new movement uses old and discarded materials and transforms them into beautiful bespoke pieces – that you certainly wouldn’t find on the High Street. Whether it’s taking drab old …


Scotland Produces the Best Landlord in the UK

“She has the patience of a saint, a heart of gold and she will literally do anything for her tenants. I feel privileged to be one of her tenants.” Kelso based landlord, Elaine Kellington, is the winner of first ever Landlord of the Year Award from home insurance provider HomeProtect. Elaine has an impressive portfolio …


A New Way to Buy & Sell Tenanted Property

A lot has been written about the ever increasing amount of rules, tax changes and other regulations in the Scottish Private Rental Sector. This has resulted in many landlords beginning to question their long-term future within the sector and to consider selling their rental properties. Recent research by the National Landlords Association (NLA) stated that 19% of landlords intend …

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