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Positive Reviews on Airbnb Lead to £100k Fine

A council tenant has been caught illegally subletting his studio flat in London on Airbnb, after his first name featured in a number of online reviews left by his satisfied guests. Toby Harman, 37, going by the name ‘Lara’ on the holiday lets platform, had been blissfully subletting his council flat in Vauxhall Bridge Road …


The Dream ‘Tick List’ for Home Buyers

Buying a home is the largest purchase you will ever make and most buyers have a pretty good idea of what features they would like their new home to have. This ‘tick list’ varies over the years and includes some current trends as well as established ‘must haves’. Any property that has them all will …


Tenants Stuck on Expensive Energy Tariffs

Failing to update customers’ details and issue welcome packs by Green Star Energy, has left 1,829 new tenants locked into expensive energy deals. The utility supplier failed to update its records of customers in the private rented sector and send out welcome packs with account details after a change of tenancy. Stuck in the middle …


Simple Tips for Sprucing Up Your Home

Giving a home a fresh look is somewhere near the top of nearly every homeowner’s agenda, yet it can often take months to get round to completing, either due to time commitments, financial restraints, or simply not knowing where to start with it all. The whole prospect of dedicating your weekend to renovating your house …


Keeping an Elephant in a Flat – Dumbo Move of the Century?

The Edinburgh City Archives have unearthed a letter of complaint about an elephant being kept in one of the capital’s tenement flats back in the early 18th century. Addressing the elephant in the room The letter, dated 23rd November 1705, came in from Adam Kerr, the owner of a bakery near Fishmarket Close, above which …


Over 80% of Scots Demand Taxes on Holiday Lets

A new YouGov survey found that 84% of Scottish people would back up the introduction of taxes on holiday let landlords. 1,019 Scots took part in the poll, commissioned on behalf of campaigners 38 Degrees, between 16-18 July 2019. 63% of respondents expressed an opinion that all or most of this tax money should be …

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