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Tackling the Student Problem

 It never rains but it pours, probably quite an apt quote for today’s housing sector in Scotland. There has been a welter of negative stories recently with various local authorities declaring housing emergencies, a savage near £200 million budget cut for the Affordable Housing Supply Programme, reports showing 93,000 homes are now lying empty in …


ESPC Reveals Top Edinburgh Postcodes for Rental Yields in Early 2024

Edinburgh-based property portal ESPC has unveiled the top-performing postcodes for rental yields in Edinburgh for the first quarter of 2024. Using the latest rental data from Citylets and current house price information from ESPC, the analysis highlights four Edinburgh postcodes that delivered the highest rental yields for buy-to-let investors from January to March 2024. Nicky …


Top Gardening Tips for Rented Properties

The flowers are in full bloom as we have now entered the warmer seasons, and for tenants with gardens, this means they will likely be spending a lot more of their time outside than previously. Many will be taking to the gardens for barbeques with friends or lounging on a deck chair to soak up …


A Spring-Cleaning Checklist for your Tenement

As the weather begins to warm up, it’s the perfect time of year to give your tenement building a thorough spring clean. Follow this guide to learn what to look out for this spring to ensure your tenement stays warm, dry, safe, and in good working order. Checking the common close and stair lighting As …


Scottish Government’s Housing Bill a ‘Continued Quest for Rent Control’, Propertymark Argues

Building upon the Scottish Government’s 2021 New Deal for Tenants, which is an essential component of their Housing to 2040 strategy, the Housing (Scotland) Bill was introduced to the Scottish Parliament on 26 March 2024 and will likely take between 12 and 15 months to complete all stages of the legislative process. The passage of …


STLs and Letting Agent Code of Practice

The Upper Tribunal (UT) recently considered whether the Letting Agent Code of Practice (“the Code”) applies in respect of short-terms lets. The background A landlord instructed a letting agent to let her flat for a period over summer 2022. A dispute arose resulting in the landlord making an application to the FTT alleging that the …

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