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After Grenfell

Recent revelations made news that the original number of 57 private high rise properties in Glasgow that contained combustible cladding may actually be a far higher number of flats that are affected. Glasgow City Council admitted at Holyrood’s local government and communities committee that the number could reach the low hundreds. A month after Grenfell, …


Is Scotland About to Put its Rent Cap on?

It looks like rent controls within Scottish cities are imminent. Councillors have just approved a report to be conducted regarding the introduction of Rent Pressure Zones (RPZs) across Glasgow. The Private Housing (Tenancies) (Scotland) Bill due to come in to effect this December, would mean that councils will be able to apply to the Scottish …


Nightmares Can Come True

Being a landlord isn’t all roses and it would appear landlords get bad press more often than tenants. Whilst most tenancies run smoothly, there will be times in any landlord’s life when they come across not so perfect occupants. Meet the tenants from hell… ‘Living nightmare’ A Liverpool landlord and surveyor, Steve Parry, went through …


For Rental Bliss It’s Got To Be Swiss

Global real estate firm, Savills, recently carried out research on proportions of people owning and renting across different countries around the developed world. Savills discovered that Switzerland was the only country where more people rent their homes than purchase, with 60% of people renting, closely followed by Germany where almost 50% rent homes. Certain factors …


Yields for University Cities

New research carried out on achievable yields through UK student accommodation showed St Andrews coming out top with 12% per year. Simple Landlords Insurance drew up a league table to show that it was possible to achieve high yields through renting to student tenants. A spokesperson for the company stated: “Unlike other studies, ours centred …


Rent Payments To Be Included In Credit Histories?

According to a study, 98% of private tenants pay their rent on time. But at present, most credit rating agencies don’t take account of rental payments when calculating credit scores. Keeping up with monthly rent could benefit tenants looking to buy a place of their own and make them more attractive to lenders so there …

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