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Born to Rent

For the first time in living memory a child in the UK is as likely to be born to a family renting as owning a property, according to a new research. Almost half of all babies (49.2%) born across the country (approximately 365,000 a year) are now starting their lives in rented accommodation, with more …


‘Discrimination Baked into Right to Rent’

The Residential Landlords Association (RLA) has branded the Right to Rent scheme a farce after a High Court ruling that the scheme breached the European Convention on Human Rights on the basis it led to discrimination against non-UK nationals with the right to rent and British ethnic minorities. The Right to Rent scheme requires landlords …


East Central Scotland Experiences Rising House Prices and Longer Selling Times in Q1 19

Average selling prices are continuing to increase year on year in east central Scotland, suggesting that buyer confidence hasn’t been significantly impacted by Brexit. Quarter 1 2019 saw a 3.4% increase YOY in average selling prices in east central Scotland, rising to £238,315 with Edinburgh experiencing a 2.1% increase to £255,280. Three bedroom houses in …


I Say Tomato, You Say… Cannabis

A routine property inspection led to a rather shocking discovery when a letting agent came across plants growing under specialist lights in a tenant’s bedroom and assumed they were cannabis. Growing concern One of The Key Place’s newer members of staff went to carry out an inspection at a property in Falkirk where they had …


Lets Talk!

Citylets are delighted to announce the launch of our new podcast channel, “LETS TALK.” Hosted by PR Manager Gillian Semmler, a landlord herself, the channel will be dedicated to all things property letting- investment, legislation, rights and responsibilities, guest stories and more. What’s on? With so much recent change in the lettings Industry for both …


Make Your Competition Green with Envy

All successful landlords know how important it is to ‘dress to impress’ their properties in order to guarantee the right tenant and a quick let. However, all too often landlords concentrate purely on perfecting the interior of the property, overlooking the importance of the exterior. Those two combined, however, create the whole living environment and …

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