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Challenging Year Ahead for Scottish Housing Sector

Something is afoot in the Scottish housing sector and to understand it better, a trawl through some of the endless statistics generated, could be enlightening. The backdrop of a rapidly increasing base rate, troubling inflation and food prices 18% higher than last year, paints a pretty bleak picture. Add to that recently published figures showing …


Old School Learning Still Has Merits

Writer Samuel Johnson once said that the next best thing to knowing something, was knowing where to find it. Of course, in the 18th century when he first mentioned this there was no Google to act as that instant fountain of all knowledge. Perhaps the nearest thing to it was Johnson’s own dictionary of the …


The Appeal of Mid-Market Renting

There are few topics that generate as much passionate debate as housing, assuming of course that you have removed sport from the equation. One look at the screaming headlines recently testifies to that, with the latest discussions in Scotland surrounding the floating home being offered to Ukrainian refugees who have fled here to escape constant …


Scotland’s Housing Challenge

In a time of economic strife it is easy to focus on numbers and there are a welter of statistics currently circulating highlighting the devastating impact of the cost of living crisis. Inflation recently hit 9.1% and indeed the Office for National Statistics (ONS) has just warned that it could soon hit 11%. A sober …


Scotland’s Largest Modular Affordable Homes Come to Dundee

An innovative project at Dundee’s Victoria Dock will see 119 new affordable homes delivered in the heart of the city’s wider waterfront regeneration area, just a stone’s throw from the V&A, Slessor Gardens and city centre. This cutting edge £13 million development by Hillcrest will be the largest affordable modular scheme in Scotland, consisting of …


Wheatley Group Pledges to Build 5,500 New Affordable Homes by 2026

Wheatley Group has announced one of the largest affordable housebuilding programmes in the UK which will see 5,500 new homes built across Scotland by 2026. The new homes will be a mix of social and mid-market rent, including properties built to wheelchair standard and accommodation to help older people live independently for longer in their …

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