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Safeguarding Your Tenement: The Importance of Maintaining Areas Below Ground Level

Properly maintaining the area below ground level is crucial for preserving the structural integrity of tenement buildings. This includes ensuring adequate ventilation, preventing moisture build-up, and addressing any issues with dampness or rot. Whether the building has a basement or just a solum (the space beneath the ground floor), taking care of this area is …


The Evolution of Urban Regeneration Projects in Scotland: A Catalyst for Economic and Social Renewal

In the heart of Scotland’s bustling cities, a quiet revolution is underway, one that is reshaping urban landscapes and revitalising communities. Urban regeneration projects, fuelled by collaboration between public and private sectors, are breathing new life into neglected areas, transforming derelict sites into vibrant hubs of activity. In this blog, we explore the evolution of …


Tackling the Student Problem

 It never rains but it pours, probably quite an apt quote for today’s housing sector in Scotland. There has been a welter of negative stories recently with various local authorities declaring housing emergencies, a savage near £200 million budget cut for the Affordable Housing Supply Programme, reports showing 93,000 homes are now lying empty in …