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Safeguarding Your Property from Underinsurance

Recent findings from a surveyor firm underlined a concerning issue in the UK’s property insurance landscape. It highlighted that a significant number of property insurance policyholders (approximately 82% for residential properties) may be at risk of ‘underinsurance’[1]. An additional report conducted by the surveyor firm Barrett Corp and Harrington echoes these concerns. Their statistics reveal …


Insurance Q&A

Individual owners of tenement flats are obliged by law to have adequate common building insurance in place. Not having insurance places a liability on the owner to pay costs for damage to the property from their own funds, even if it’s not their fault. In the current cost of living crisis, insurance may not be …


Don’t Let Underinsurance Creep up on You

Insurance, whilst a dry subject, is an absolute must for property owners. Whether you own a home, let one to tenants or use it as a holiday home/short let, insurance is a necessary evil. When letting a property, landlord insurance becomes even more vital, especially if you have a mortgage on the property. Should the …