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Comings and Goings in Scottish Tenancies

Some tenancies in Scotland will have had the same tenants for years or even decades, but there are many situations which may result in a change to a property’s occupancy. Instances where all tenants move out are fairly straightforward, but there are different circumstances where it is not so much of an ‘open and shut …


What the New Rent Controls Mean – How to Work out the ‘Calculated Amount’ and ‘Market Difference’

What the New Rent Controls Mean – How to Work out the ‘Calculated Amount’ and ‘Market Difference’ With the final period of the Cost of Living (Tenant Protection) (Scotland) Act 2022 (the Act) coming up fast on 31 March 2024, the question that was on the Private Rented Sector’s mind was “what is next”? Were …


Rent Cap Consultation

What could this mean for the PRS? The eviction moratorium and the rent cap are scheduled to end on 31 March 2024. Scottish Ministers plan to bring forward transitional measures in order to avoid “significant and unmanageable rent increases for tenants” when the emergency measures end. Scottish Ministers published draft regulations on 24 January 2024 …


Scotland’s Rent Freeze

The current rent freeze in Scotland is set to end soon on the 31st of March. The freeze, initially put in place by the Scottish Government under the Cost of Living (Tenant Protection) (Scotland) Act 2022 has been in place since 6th September 2022. The freeze was initiated as a means of easing the financial …


Propertymark Raises Members’ Concerns during Second Meeting over Scottish Government’s ‘New Deal for Tenants’

In response to the Scottish Government’s consultation on reforms to the private rental sector, Propertymark members had the opportunity to provide feedback to Scottish officials about the Scottish Government’s New Deal for Tenants during a second meeting in December. The first virtual roundtable looked at the proposals for a national system of rent control in …


Have your Say on Scottish Gov Rent Control and PRS Plans

Housing professionals have little time left to provide on-the-ground knowledge and voice their opinions on the Scottish Government’s plans to introduce a system of long-term rent controls for the private rented sector. Alongside rent control, the Scottish Government proposes, as part of its New Deal for Tenants, to strengthen tenant protections during the eviction process, …

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