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Loocrative Rental

A property to rent in Brighton has been attracting a lot of attention on social media… for all the wrong reasons. “Is that a rainfall shower head above the drain and loo??? Please tell me they installed an invisible wall in this prison cell,” reads one of the comments after the property had been posted …


Not The Citylets News: Plans Drawn Up For Very Big Wall

Local Firm Aims to Ease Rental Pressures Experts at Scottish brick manufacturer, Bricking It, today announced it had drawn up bold plans to solve Scotland’s rental pressure areas by building a very big wall extending from the Scottish border up through central Scotland as far north as Perth. The wall will be designed to keep …


Santa Exposed – More Naughty Than Nice? 1

It’s that time of the year again. Mince pies, mistletoe, presents. Notions of Santa bring happiness and joy – but is there a darker side to Mr Claus? Would he be a suitable tenant or flatmate for your property? Citylets explores the issues.   He’ll drop all his little Elf friends on you once he’s in. …