It’s that time of the year again. Mince pies, mistletoe, presents. Notions of Santa bring happiness and joy – but is there a darker side to Mr Claus? Would he be a suitable tenant or flatmate for your property? Citylets explores the issues.


He’ll drop all his little Elf friends on you once he’s in.

Officially just Santa on the lease, he’ll have his little helpers around before the ink is dry. Not quite flatmates, but much more than friends…..big problem.

santa and his merry elves

He sits around the house 364 days a year

You have been warned. He won’t leave the house til Christmas eve.


He only says Ho Ho Ho.

Difficult at the best of times. Disturbing when the rent is late.

santa ho ho ho

He won’t have his front door keys.

You can guess the rest……

santa laves soot on everwhere

He will eat all the pies

To be fair, if you leave them out for him….


He’ll park his sleigh in the driveway…

…but his reindeer will tear up your grass.
santa and his reindeer

He’ll take your belongings away in his sack

Now you understand why he is so jolly!


….. and he gave the North Pole as his previous address

Well, you really should know better.


His red nose is alcohol related

Job related stress, but perhaps better to sympathise from a distance.

six pack santa

So there you have it- if you sign that lease remember Santa isn’t just for Xmas….he’s there for the lease term!

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One comment on “Santa Exposed – More Naughty Than Nice?

  1. This did make me laugh, it’s Christmas, we are supposed to be having a little fun, winding down after a hard year.

    I did have one flat mate whom, I the became the landlord too. He was a nightmare as a flatmate, as a tenant he was even worse, if you think everything above that Santa does makes him a poor tenant you should have seen what this guy did. I honestly don’t think any of it is fir for publishing.

    Thanks for the laugh!

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