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Landlords Advised to Look out for their Older Tenants

It has been uplifting to hear the many positive stories that have been emerging since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. We are hearing the term the ‘Great British Spirit’ being used often these days to describe how the nation is pulling together to support each other and ‘get through’ these unprecedented times. Compassionate stories …


Rent Must Be Paid Where Possible

Landlords have raised concerns that some tenants are under the false impression they do not have to pay rent during the COVID-19 crisis as landlords are being offered a mortgage payment holiday. Emergency legislation The Coronavirus (Scotland) Bill was introduced as an emergency legislation to tackle the COVID-19 crisis. One of its main points was …


Interest-Free Loans for Landlords

Private landlords whose tenants are having difficulty making rent payments due to the Coronavirus crisis, will be offered an interest-free loan with deferred payments. This is intended to help take pressure off landlords in the short term, if they experience trouble securing rental income in these unprecedented times. Landlords should be able to apply to …


Gas Safety Certificates and COVID-19 Restrictions

Gas Safety Register updated their information on Monday 23rd March regarding advice for landlords and Gas Safety Certificates in light of COVID-19 restrictions and recommendations. The Gas Safe Register, UK’s gas registration body, replaced CORGI in 2009 and all gas engineers by law, should be registered with them. The most recent UK government restrictions for …


Emergency Coronavirus Legislation to Support Landlords and Tenants

With the fear of unknown spreading as fast as the Coronavirus itself in these unprecedented times, any and all positivity is much welcome. Tenants and landlords alike have been anticipating the government’s response to the Coronavirus crisis, offering support to those in the private rented sector who are affected by COVID-19. Emergency legislation The government …


Unlawfully Evicted Tenant Awarded £18k

A tenant who was found to have been unlawfully evicted has been awarded damages by the First-tier Tribunal for Scotland Housing and Property Chamber. In this first of its kind Tribunal decision, the tenant was granted £18,000. Dambaru Baral raised a case against his landlords, Mohammed and Khalda Arif, in September 2018 after he was …

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