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Decking Out Kitchen On A Budget

If you plan on remodelling your property any time soon, take care not to forget about the kitchen. A new kitchen can add as much as 4% to the value of a house, allowing you to make more on rent and sell at a higher price when the time comes. Appliances are arguably the most …


Tenant Vetting Through Social Media

Social media is proving to be an important source of information for landlords who screen their would-be tenants’ profiles in search for any areas of concern, before making a decision to rent their properties to them. Anything from job and career history right through to family, friends and lifestyle, can potentially be gathered from accounts …


Feng Shui Tips for a Perfect Home

More than 3000 years ago in China scientists discovered Feng Shui (also known as Chi). The basic principle of Feng Shui is that Feng, which means “wind” and Shui, which means “water”, are energies that attract good health and wealth. Bad Feng Shui attracts poor health and negative energy. Our homes are divided into different …


Caution to Landlords Considering Move to Short Term Lets

Recent research from the Residential Landlords Association (RLA) revealed that 7% of landlords are moving over to short term letting. Airbnb data also shows that their platform now has 168,000 listings for the UK alone. Prominent letting agent, DJ Alexander Ltd, who manage over 5,000 properties feel that the combination of tax cuts to mortgage …


Landlords – More Taxing Times Ahead?!

Political writer James Forsyth has forewarned that the Treasury is investigating ways of raising money in light of the upcoming autumn budget and planning a possible increase to stamp duty on second homes. Forsyth claimed: “This [increased stamp duty surcharge] would, so the thinking goes, raise money for the Exchequer and help keep house prices …


Tenants and Landlords – Closer Than You Might Think

A recent study has revealed that two thirds of private landlords are just ordinary people who have regular jobs and rent out property to supplement their main income or save for their retirement. Office admin jobs, IT, teaching and accountancy topped the list of most common professions for landlords, implying that the gap between landlords …

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