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How to Kiss Bed Bugs Goodbye

Although bed bugs don’t pose any serious health hazards nor transmit diseases, living with them under one roof and in the same bed can cause distress. As most rental properties come furnished, including beds and mattresses, it is good to be aware of the risk of these little creatures when moving homes. Bed bugs are …


Renting? Best Kept in the Family!

Increasing numbers of families are turning to the Scottish private rented sector to look for their new home. In line with this trend, the demand for larger properties (4 beds in particular) in Scotland continues, according to the latest Citylets Rental Report. In Q2 2018, 4 bed properties recorded rent increases of 3.3% year on …


On a Tight Budget but Want to Update Your Decor? Upcycling Could Be for You

If you’re on a tight budget but keen to make some trendy updates to your rental property’s interior – upcycling could be for you. The trendy new movement uses old and discarded materials and transforms them into beautiful bespoke pieces – that you certainly wouldn’t find on the High Street. Whether it’s taking drab old …


Crackdown on Minority Who Repeatedly Fail to Pay Rent

The minority of tenants who repeatedly fail to pay their rent are facing a crackdown. Graham Simpson MSP, Scottish Conservative spokesman on housing, is asking ministers what they plan to do to help landlords recover debt more quickly. Mr Simpson has been contacted by landlords frustrated by how long it can take to evict non-paying …


Scotland Produces the Best Landlord in the UK

“She has the patience of a saint, a heart of gold and she will literally do anything for her tenants. I feel privileged to be one of her tenants.” Kelso based landlord, Elaine Kellington, is the winner of first ever Landlord of the Year Award from home insurance provider HomeProtect. Elaine has an impressive portfolio …


Proposals for Change to Landlord Registration

A consultation regarding changes to the landlord registration scheme was announced last month by the Scottish Government. Landlord registration became compulsory in 2004 with the aim to improve standards in the private rented sector in Scotland. Kevin Stewart, Housing Minister for Scotland, explained that the current system needs to be more vigorous to ensure landlords …

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