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Who’s Living in My House?

It might sound like a line from a fairytale involving bears and an unlocked door… however, how many landlords really know the people who are about to live in their property? Many landlords will report that the majority of their tenants are trustworthy and respectful of their properties. Those that have experienced few issues with …


Protect Your Home This Holiday Season

Summer time is holiday time. Schools are off and most of us are all ready and longing for a well-deserved get away, like a pupil awaiting the bell ring announcing end of a school year. Tenants are no different… and this is a good time as any to remind landlords (and tenants alike) that empty …


‘Celebrate Good Terms- Come On!’

How important it is to always read the small print- many of us have learnt the hard way! As much as it seems dull and overwhelming, reading any contract or agreement in full before signing on the dotted line is a must to avoid unpleasant and potentially costly surprises down the line. A landlord who …


Recipe for Rental Success

What is the recipe to a successful and healthy landlord-tenant relationship? The key ingredients are trust, respect and professionalism. Add in some flexibility, courtesy, proactive approach and voilà! As far as life is concerned, nothing is as simple as this but when it comes to building a positive relationship with tenants, time and effort invested …


Them’s The Rules. All 31 of Them.

‘Home is where the heart is’… or so we would like to think… however, for this poor prospective tenant, the property she was viewing had similar appeal and offerings as a stay at HMP. It would be normal to expect a certain amount of reasonable, informal house rules when choosing to rent a room within …


Property Inventory – Don’t Underestimate It

It is a standard procedure for landlords and letting agents to require a deposit from tenants before they move in and with the tenancy deposit schemes in operation, it is more important than ever to have a comprehensive property inventory and accurate schedule of condition in place. Everyone should have one A detailed property inventory …

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