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Fire and Smoke Alarms Legislation Changes in Scotland

Scotland is soon to become the first UK nation to require every home to have interlinked fire and smoke alarms regardless of tenure. This legislative change to the Tolerable Standard comes into force on 1st February 2022 and will apply to all households, both in the private and social housing sectors. Meeting the new standard …


Landlord’s ‘Change of Heart’ Leads to £2,400 Fine

A Glasgow landlord has been fined £2,400 for misleading his former tenants into surrendering occupation of a property which they wouldn’t have left otherwise. Lesley Munro and Grant McNicoll applied to the First-tier Tribunal for Scotland Housing and Property Chamber for a Wrongful Termination Order after their landlord, David Ross served a notice on them …


Create Demand for Your Rental Property with a Low-Maintenance Garden

Location, access to public transport and a modern kitchen with all the fixtures are important considerations when renting a property. However, over the past year, there’s been a bigger priority for people seeking a new home – a garden.  Having some outdoor space to call their own is something that tenants look for when they’re …


‘New Deal for Tenants’ Goes Much Further than Rent Controls

Following a new power-sharing partnership between SNP and the Scottish Greens in order to secure a majority in the Holyrood Parliament, the transformation of the private rented sector is poised to be introduced in Scotland to provide greater security for tenants, improve standards and regulate rents. In what is a 50-page agreement between the two …


Edinburgh to Become Short Term Let Control Zone?

Following the City of Edinburgh Council’s calls for new legislation to help better manage short term lets (STLs) in the capital where around a third of all Scottish STLs are concentrated, a public consultation has been launched seeking views on a proposal to make the entire city a short term let control area. The introduction …


Pre-Eviction Protocols to Be Made Permanent Post-Pandemic?

One of the temporary measures introduced by the Scottish Government in response to the Coronavirus pandemic was pre-action requirements that landlords and agents in the private rented sector must comply with prior to seeking repossession of a property for rent arrears that have occurred during the Covid-19 period. The Rent Arrears Pre-Action Requirements (Coronavirus) (Scotland) …

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