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North East Scotland Landlords Praised for Renting Responsibly

When it comes to protecting tenants’ deposits in Scotland, landlords of properties in Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire have been proven to be the most responsible. Best protected tenants’ deposits in Scotland SafeDeposits Scotland have analysed the rates of landlords failing to protect tenants’ deposits and found that, based on the decisions made by the First-tier …


Landlord Registration in Scotland Set for Change

It has been mandatory for Scottish private landlords to register with their local authority since 2004, however, the range of required information landlords must provide is limited. Therefore, following a consultation, the government is planning on introducing new changes to the registration process, with a view to improving standards in the Scottish private rented sector. …


5 Space Saving DIY Jobs to Make the Most Out of a Small Apartment

City apartments are often small, which can lead to a lack of storage, not ideal for renters. To maximise rental potential, ensure that your apartment has space-saving storage solutions that make the most out of what space you do have. Here are 5 DIYs that are easy to do and will help make your apartment …


Home Truths for Personal Well-Being

Most people tend to concentrate on exercise and nutrition when it comes to improving their health, overlooking or not giving enough importance to the living environment. However, new research from the University of Stirling confirms that there is a direct correlation between one’s health and the ability to feel at home. A total of 75 …


‘Discrimination Baked into Right to Rent’

The Residential Landlords Association (RLA) has branded the Right to Rent scheme a farce after a High Court ruling that the scheme breached the European Convention on Human Rights on the basis it led to discrimination against non-UK nationals with the right to rent and British ethnic minorities. The Right to Rent scheme requires landlords …


Make Your Competition Green with Envy

All successful landlords know how important it is to ‘dress to impress’ their properties in order to guarantee the right tenant and a quick let. However, all too often landlords concentrate purely on perfecting the interior of the property, overlooking the importance of the exterior. Those two combined, however, create the whole living environment and …

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