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The Rent Freeze and its Impact on Build to Rent

The rent freeze and accompanying evictions ban was introduced by the Scottish Government in September 2022 under emergency legislation as a measure to help to tackle the cost of living crisis. In effect, the rent freeze was a cap set at 0% for both the social and private rental sectors. From April 1st 2023, the …


Lets Talk with Will Scarlett

Episode 69 of Citylets’ podcast, Lets Talk, features Will Scarlett, Founder and Director of Edinburgh based Scarlett Land and Development. Will describes Build to Rent (BTR) and how it differs from other tenures, and informs on completed developments to date in Scotland. Lets Talk host, Gillian Semmler, asks Will about the challenges that the BTR …


Rent Control Measures: Six Months On

On 29th March 2023 a panel discussion was held by UK Apartment Association (UKAA), focusing on the impact the temporary rent control measures have had on the Scottish rental sector, and possible future solutions that would address the chronic undersupply of homes in Scotland. With the recent election of Humza Yousaf as First Minister, and …


BTR – Building Communities

Build to Rent (BTR) residences are purpose built rental accommodation, mostly funded by institutional investors (such as pension funds), which provide residents with a flexible alternate to the traditional private rented sector (PRS). BTR is fundamentally different to PRS; it is really important that politicians understand the difference when devising legislation targeted at rental property. …


Constrained Supply and High Housing Demand: The Case for Affordable BTR During the Cost of Living Crisis

The need for new homes Homes for Scotland has estimated the need for 25,000 new homes each year to meet current housing demand. Construction on this scale has not been seen since 2007 in the build-up to the global financial crisis, with the 5-year average currently at c. 19,500. During the cost of living crisis, …


Rent Freeze: Call for Evidence – Closing Date 8th December 2022

Stakeholders in the Private Rented and Build to Rent (BTR) sectors are invited to submit written submissions to the Scottish Government by Thursday 8th December. Submissions should be sent in MS Word or PDF format to Given the severe impact that the Cost of Living (Tenant Protection) (Scotland) Act 2022 has had on investment …

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