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Protecting Homes against the Weather

When the sun comes out, we can wear a pair of sunglasses to protect our eyes. When the temperatures drop during the winter, we can wear a hat, scarf and gloves to keep ourselves warm. And when the heavens open up and the rain starts pouring, an umbrella can shield us to prevent us from …


Lets Talk with Brian Geddes from RJ Building Surveying Ltd

Managing Director of R J Building Surveying Ltd, Brian Geddes, features on episode 79 of Lets Talk to discuss why there is an ever increasing requirement to regularly inspect and maintain properties. Brian explains in detail the role of a Building Surveyor and the areas of expertise that his company cover. He tells of his …


Common Winter Maintenance Issues in Tenement Buildings

Throughout autumn and winter, tenement buildings and flats often encounter a variety of common maintenance issues. In this article, learn some top tips to protect your property and preserve its value during the colder months. Draughty windows and doors One of the easiest issues to address when it comes to protecting your property in winter …


Plumbing and Heating Repairs in Rented Properties: Winter Advice

As a tenant in Scotland, it’s important to understand your responsibilities when it comes to the repairs and maintenance of your plumbing and heating systems. While landlords are responsible for ensuring that the property is in good repair, there are certain tasks that fall under the tenant’s responsibility. We will outline best practices for dealing …


Be Prepared – Tips to Protect Your Rental Property During Winter

With the temperatures beginning to drop and cold months fast approaching, it’s now a good time for landlords to start thinking about protecting their property from the elements during winter. This is important not only to protect the value of your long-term investment and avoid the need for making an insurance claim, but essential for …


Choosing the Right Contractors for Your Shared Repair Projects

Choosing the best contractor is a major decision when organising shared repair projects. The contractor you pick will have a big impact on the quality of the work, how smoothly the project runs, and how happy the other owners are. So, it’s important to be careful and well-informed when making this important choice. Here are …

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