Category: Common Repairs

A Spring-Cleaning Checklist for your Tenement

As the weather begins to warm up, it’s the perfect time of year to give your tenement building a thorough spring clean. Follow this guide to learn what to look out for this spring to ensure your tenement stays warm, dry, safe, and in good working order. Checking the common close and stair lighting As …


Repairing Standards – New Measures

On the 1st of March 2024, the government introduced several new measures to the Repairing Standard in Scotland, which landlords legally must comply with throughout the duration of a tenancy. Private rented homes are legally required to follow these standards of repair and so landlords and letting agents will need to ensure that their property …


A Short Guide to Tenement Roof Repairs

Maintaining a tenement building’s roof is crucial for preserving its structural integrity and ensuring residents stay warm and dry. This article provides insights into various aspects of tenement roof repairs, including roof types, best practices, accessing the roof, navigating building contracts, and prioritising health and safety. Tenement roof types and materials Roofing materials on tenement …


Working Well with Owners

Tenement maintenance and repair management can be hard to navigate and requires the co-operation of multiple people. Working well with owners is paramount to having a well-maintained tenement building that is warm and dry. With the right knowledge, such as how to contact owners, flat owners’ responsibilities, and how to best approach common repairs, this …


Repairs in Mixed Tenure Tenements

Organising repairs in tenement buildings can be challenging, especially if there are commercial premises in the same building as residential properties owned by landlords, owner-occupiers, housing associations, or local authorities. However, the process can be made easier by understanding the responsibilities of owners in tenement buildings and following proper procedures. First point of call: title …


Tenement Maintenance Update – What’s Going On?

The inaugural meeting of the Scottish Parliamentary Working Group on Tenement Maintenance took place in March 2018. This was a cross party initiative in response to a debate in the Scottish Parliament in January 2018 on the maintenance of tenement communal property and the challenges of getting common repairs carried out. There had been a …

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