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Whisky Business

You don’t need to be a connoisseur to know that a rare bottle of whisky can be valuable… but did the tenant and landlord who agreed the deal of 57 bottles of malt in lieu of £1,400 unpaid rent realise the true value of this collection? The Landlord certainly didn’t know they had also been …


Top Notch Student Accommodation in Glasgow’s West End

Halls of Residence have come a very long way from their old reputations as noisy, crowded student accommodation with little privacy and frequent late night parties. Developers have recognised the need for creating state of the art communities with vibrant and fun living spaces where students not only can study but can live and socialise. …


Property Inventory – Don’t Underestimate It

It is a standard procedure for landlords and letting agents to require a deposit from tenants before they move in and with the tenancy deposit schemes in operation, it is more important than ever to have a comprehensive property inventory and accurate schedule of condition in place. Everyone should have one A detailed property inventory …


Help Needed for Assistance Dogs in Rental Homes

Finding your ideal rented home can be a struggle in many parts of Scotland. However add into the mix an assistance dog and you can only start to imagine the difficulty that people who are hard of hearing, blind or partially sighted face when trying to find a home. Equality Act 2010 Time and again, …


Turtle Recoil 1

Occasionally when a property is returned at the end of tenancy, a landlord or new tenant can smell more than a rat. From unexpected turtles sending viewers running for the door to deliberately maggot infested walls, the issue of unwanted odour in rental properties can significantly impact. Something fishy around ‘ere A landlord who evicted …


Delivering Mid Market Homes to North Edinburgh

In these challenging times, where house prices are on the rise and the housing supply continuously fails to meet the demand, Port of Leith Housing Association (POLHA) is on the way to deliver. Their areas of focus are Leith and North Edinburgh and the ambition is to provide affordable, high quality communities that are well connected, mixed …

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