We are delighted to share insights from our recent conversation with Sophie Strand, Director of Business Development at Belvoir Edinburgh. With her extensive experience in the property industry, Sophie offers a wealth of knowledge on property lettings, management and the evolving market landscape.

Sophie’s career in the property sector has involved working for some high-profile companies. Joining Belvoir Edinburgh over two years ago marked a significant milestone in her career, allowing her to focus on business development within a dynamic franchise model.

Sophie discusses how the franchise model enables her to combine the strengths of a national brand with the local expertise and personalised service of individual franchises.

Sophie talks about what inspired her to focus on business development rather than property management and what her biggest challenges are in progressing Belvoir in today’s current market.

Advantages of using a letting agent

For many landlords, managing a property alongside a full-time job can be overwhelming. Sophie highlights the financial advantages of using a letting agent and how they can save landlords time and reduce stress associated with property management. Additionally, agents can optimise rental income through market insights and effective property maintenance, ultimately proving cost-effective.

Safety and compliance are paramount in property lettings. Sophie outlines the necessary steps to ensure a property is habitable and compliant and explains how agents play a vital role in managing these requirements, keeping landlords informed about legal changes.

Sophie also discuss the implications for the Private Rented Sector (PRS) since the end of the Bute House Agreement and current political instability, as well as talking about current market trends.

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